Is TACy a she or a he?

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Sanji is throwing Momo and giving a thumbs up to him while King attacks him, you reread chapter 988 again...
Doesn't alter the notion King hurled him against the ground and he took some time before getting up and good thing he hit him in the stomach covered by the suit rather than elsewhere where his skull and meat were exposed :funky:

Wanna change topic and cry more?

It's not a subjective notion that Queen is massively inferior than King current showings wise at least. Unless we think Oda creeped Sanji's PL all of a sudden here despite so little time passed.


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ah fuck right off lol.
who is the one making a big deal out of this? the one you tries to shove their ideology down others throat or the one who gets annoyed by it?
maybe, just maybe, people want to use manga as a sort of escapism and not be confronted by the fucking media propaganda that we face each and every day. just maybe.

idgas if people cut their dicks off or wear dresses. as long as they leave me alone ffs.
Yeah this is facts
I know that but it doesnt change the fact that Yamato fought 1on1 against Kaido for a huge amount of time. And the fight wasnt really a one sided beatdown in favor of Kaido.
I see no reason why King or Zoro could no do the same, for majority of that fight Kaido was more interested in chatting trying to convince her to be Wano guardian. The fight does look pretty one sided to me and overwhelmingly in Kaido favor
I already told you: I will post my very own summary (not just copied and changed) that correctly adresses Yamato as a girl next issue.

But hey, maybe it's not allowed to follow the actual canon (Yamato confirmed to be a cis girl) here.

So if your own agenda tells you that I'm a threat - just do it, ban me!
Larry, you risk redon not posting here at all in English, or anywhere in English, or giving hints, or providing additional clarifications on things, or interacting with the community.

Don't be the person that fucks that up. Don't be the person that ruins people's enjoyment of spoiler interactions on a weekly basis. Be the bigger person bruh. It literally does not matter after 2 days when the chapter comes out
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