Is TACy a she or a he?

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This is Oda's manga, if he wants to call Yamato "he" let him make his own manga

See it's simple, I can use the same argument as you :kobeha:
Yamato uses male pronouns still in the story ("Boku"). Feel free to call her what you want, but do not shit on the provider for taking his interpretations of it based on what is read

And I personally call Yamato a She, so don't assume I have some dumbass agenda when I say this
Nobody will stop the raws from coming out because there's money in doing it. Especially for a manga as big as One Piece. These threats mean nothing. For example, there was a translator in Arlong Park, he used to go by Aohige. He'd get mad if you said something negative about Japan. He'd threaten just like this and people would try to appease his temper tantrums. This is nothing new.
There's a lot of money in getting these raws and whatnot. If one person stops, another will take that person's place.
What money I been providing spoiler for years and I am broke no one ever told me about any money
King reminds me of that idiot who Chopper fought on Sky Island who always forgot the most basic things - how to cross his arms, he tried speaking with his mouth closed, etc.
All King ever says is '....' - what a great writen character lmao
He has less depth than a tree.
Larry, you risk redon not posting here at all in English, or anywhere in English, or giving hints, or providing additional clarifications on things, or interacting with the community.

Don't be the person that fucks that up. Don't be the person that ruins people's enjoyment of spoiler interactions on a weekly basis. Be the bigger person bruh. It literally does not matter after 2 days when the chapter comes out
If redon is really throwing a tantrum over someone posting an alternative summary that correctly adresses Yamato as girl (I even said I won't copy his own summary next week, I will write my own one) on a rather small forum, i don’t care

I much rather follow my principles than bending over for some hypocrit with a misguided agenda!
redon doesn't give a shit what pronouns you use in your freetime.

He doesn't want his own summary to get changed in any way.
If this continues and the changed summary get's spread throughout the net then obviously people will think that the summary was written by redon. While in fact, what they are reading is a changed & edited summary.

Redon doesn't want his own words to get twisted. He sees Yamato as a boy. That's it. Live with it. Use what you want in your freetime, but don't change his summary for which he definetly spends an hour or longer writing up considering how detailed it is.

The problem is stealing his entire post.
Get your own provider and create a summary fitting to your headcanon

I dont why these two dudes @dirtyLarry and @IIskandar1997 still dont get it

Redon doesnt give a shit if you dislike the idea that Redon think of Yamato as a she

But, redon, or anyone, would for sure not want to get his creation twisted

When you copy redons summary and type it this way

"From Redon...


It means youre giving false informations since Redon never see Yamato as a she, which is obviously bad

Grow up, and make your own summaries

Jew D. Boy

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We can all agree that Yamato is a female and that Lance overreacted but let him call Yamato a "he". Lance doesn’t force us to share his view, just read the summary and enjoy it.
I did, even though it bugged me he kept misgendering her there. I don’t care that strongly about Yamato’s gender (she’s a future Straw Hat regardless of her pronouns), but I think it’s pathetic that the guy in charge of leaking spoilers is getting bent out of shape because @dirtyLarry said something he didn’t like. Spoiler providers get overly inflated egos after a while, like they’re the keepers of the secrets instead of Internet nerds who know how to grease the Koreans. Again, if the worst thing that happens is we DON’T get droplets of information Tuesday-Thursday and have to wait for full chapters on Friday, imagine how much more useless posturing and angry arguments people around here will get to have!! :lusalty:
Yea if someone change his summary again and put Yamato as she lol
:lusalty: why they touch the work of others ? I mean if for redon, yamato is a he. Let her be a "he".

He provides us real spoilers and summaries, without him we need to wait for more days.

And people wonders why providers or translators here don't want to spend their time here to bring new informations. Always people criticising any work just because "they don't like it"...

@Bogard careful bro.
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