Is TACy a she or a he?

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Wait, you guys are really going to cancel spoilers and scantalations because "him" triggers you so much? And then you say liberals are snowflakes
You realize that we aren't the petty ones here?

All that happened was a summary - that even clarified it was redon's summary, but with changed pronouns in some places to respect the vivre cards, promotion etc. - and redon immediately threw a tantrum threatening to never post summaries again.

He was the one to start shit and threaten others over a mere alternative spoiler summary that actually respected the canon material.


Lazy is the way
Yamato will definitely be the third strongest SH. Sanji and Yamato aren’t even comparable, she’s better than him in every way
Quite biased don’t you think my friend ? You seem pretty sure that Zoro will be stronger than Yamato in the end, because he was always the strongest subordinate etc. Yet you think that Yamato is and will stay far above Sanji. But Zoro and Sanji are fighting King and Queen and will likely beat them around the same diff.

If I follow what you are saying Yamato should be stronger than Zoro too if she is really far above Sanji

If Yamato joins Yamato being >> Sanji will never happen
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