Is TACy a she or a he?

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@Pattoucco on full on damage control lmfao

Like we didn't all know momo was gonna go up to take luffy to kaido 2 chapters ago. This ain't anything new
He will fight kaido as a dragon
Mkk is pure cope. Keep it up shows how scared you really are.
he is in really Damage control Because CONDOM VS KAIDO 1V1 GOT FUCKED UP

That mean Condom wont surpass kaido in this series lmao. it might be so sad for condom boys
Luffy is not a literal monkey so i don't see why Marco can't be the pheasant.

It doesn't mean he has to actually fight, he could just show up there once Yamato isn't able to fight anymore to protect or heal her or something and complete the Momotaro visual reference. Momo also probably can't do much aside from dragon breaths.
Hyori is the pheasamt
I did, there's nothing wrong with having a role model. What's wrong is trying to become that role model to the point where you lose your real self.
She still hasn't lost herself. She called herself, Yamato the son of Kaido multiple times. In her mind, becoming Oden ~ living as free as Oden did and inheriting Oden's will of saving Wano (in that panel where she even goes on to say that Luffy is more Oden than she is). I'm not a huge fan of this Oden act either but it isn't as twisted as you portray it to be.

She's basically still an 8 years old child, she didn't mature beyound the imitation act, she doesn't have her own goals, all of her goals are taken from oden's life and ambitions, does her longing for freedom comes from oden influence or from her own experience?

After fangirling Oden as a child, her experiences changed her. Wanting to be free like Oden is from her own experience. She has been tied and cuffed to Wano for 20 years. She explicitly asks Kaido in the recent chapter "What right did you have to take away my freedom?". Her wanting to be free comes from that experience and that is why she idolizes Oden, as he is again someone who went on a grand adventure and detailed all of it in a logbook, which she claims is "her Bible". She wants to explore the world and be free and that is shown multiple times.

Also if she hates kaido that much then why does she have his exact move set, most one piece characters developed their unique combat style at a very young age, but yamato didn't.
This is a stupid criticism. All her combat experiences were from fighting Kaido. Ofcourse she would imitate his move set and overtime end up mastering it. That has nothing to do with Oden, Kaido, wanting to be Oden or hating Kaido.

Luffy also learnt the fighting style his grandfather uses and is a brawler like him. He even imitated Soru looking at CP9 and incorporated it as G2 in Enies Lobby.
Sanji hates Germa but still uses the Raid Suit.

Here's the thing, idolizing someone doesn't mean they have to be exactly like that person (which is one of the criticisms that you yourself aimed at Yamato). It is not just a coincidence that Oden's son is a Dragon and Kaido's son wants to be Oden.
Well just don't fall for the bait, if you know it's a bait, why just fall for it? A dumb troll is a dumb troll, you don't win against these type of people by giving them what they want which is arguing and getting worked up over whatever bullshit they said to get attention, just ignore and enjoy two goated characters like a real fan of both would
That's the better option in hindsight ofcourse. I'm not gonna pretend like I didn't fall for the bait.


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Do you guys really see this folk killing off Kaido? Because that's utter madness

Nah even if by any remote chance he got Oden's strength CoA / ACoC, he wouldn't know how to use it , the only thing i would believe is if Zoro did some special training with him and he MIGHT be able to land a hit on Kaido but without doing any significant damage, anything more than that would be a mistake
Big Mom was never intended to be in this arc, Oda fucked up with WCI and he didn't know how to end it, so he decided to bring Big Mom along with the strowhats.
No one could defeat her in WCI, she was always intended to be in Wano.

Oda probably made the arc longer than he intended yes but that doesn't change the end goal he had in mind
Momotaro fighting Oni in Onigashima....

Oni : Kaido

Momotaro : Momonosuke + Luffytaro
Monkey : Luffy as Monkey D. clan
Dog : Yamato the Okuchi no Makami
Pheasant : Marco the Pheonix (Chinese Pheasant)
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