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--Imo the only think that is missing when talking about his powers are big powerful ranged attacks like Hakai

--Logically speaking he should be able to perform half the hakai or Ikoku we will see soon
Hope so

What he has defensively is ridiculous impressive,

but he seemingly is lacking THAT for his AP. Lacks the lethality that I expected from Kaido, but Loda is dumb so yeah no hope for that
I'm just assuming you're being sarcastic, hence the like xD
But since other people read in here as well I'll answer the question anyway :)

Right off the top of my hat, I'd say that whatever hype last chapter were trying to build with the reveal of giant dragon momo got completely derailed in this chapter for the sake of comedy, even though it really wasn't all that funny
People like her because she is a beautiful woman who is strong and is relevant in the story like boa Hancock unlike bigmom.
Because she is beautiful and strong? Shut ur mouth. That doesn't make her a good character. Looks like nami and tries to be oden. What a clown she is in all honesty i hope she gets killed by Kaido.
Eventually Kaido had other relationships which we are still nowadays unaware of
All of his relationships seem to be on the violent side. Big mom is the closest thing that he has of a friend and they fought for 2 days until they decided to stop until they conquered the world, then they would resume it until one of then died:kayneshrug: I dont think Kaido is full blown racist but he definitely prefers to keep his distance
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