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This chapter was a 1/10. So mediocre man. Snakeman was hype, but it was gone before it even emerged. This whole raid has been extremely boring. Yamato is really annoying repeating the same thing over and over. And Luffy, does Oda not have better writers? For him to keep saying the generic tired out line. Law of diminishing return, keep repeating something and it loses its luster.

Last time it meant something was in the Mirror World against Katakuri. Now it means very little, since there is a likelihood he faints again or passes out in this battle.

Kaido wanting to kill Yamato, I mean could y’all blame him? I don’t advocate for death of retards or those of mental deficiency in any capacity, but Yamato really pushing those buttons.

And the Momonosuke stuff was Nauseating. What is he even gonna do now? Luffy could’ve just flew up there himself… Did he forget how to fly over the TS? Anyways, I was right, next sixteen chapters will be about Momo stuff (6 chapters), Luffy vs Kaido (10 chapters). This whole Luffy fight is very boring tbh. Katakuri fight was so much more fascinating. Doflamingo fight was intense. Even Caesar fight was so cathartic. One Piece losing its luster for me. Don’t know what to say. I wish I never learned about this series and stayed ignorant my whole life…
Luffy vs Kaido final battle hasn't even properly begun tbh
Next chapter
Big mom standing laughing “mamamamaa”
Law and kid standing menacingly
Law crew looking at the sky
Queen talking about his cyborg intelligence
King “….”

last page kaido says this will be the final fight then luffy says he will be pirate king again

break next week
Zoro isn't fighting an army now is he. He is fighting king lol. Luffy can knock out kaidos army with his CoC
Your candy boy lost 3 times to Kaido and you have the guts to piss over Zoro.

Yamato is > to luffy in any way possible.

100chapter in Wano prove that Luffy lost to Kaido got one shot by a move that Yamato did easly counter - Bagua (Kaido was hybrind)

Zoro didnt lost to Kaido but to Kaido and Big Mom (hakkay).

So we can clearly see that both Yamato and Zoro are superior to Luffy :milaugh:


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Zoro isn't fighting an army now is he. He is fighting king lol. Luffy can knock out kaidos army with his CoC
Just wait until he is finished with that beast Pirate. I seriously doubt that Luffy and Yamato will pull it off by themselves and this argument goes down independently from ZKK, but we will find out soon enough :goyea:
@Paperchampion23 You still think jack vs yamato is happening :myman:
Yeah it's possible lol. People mocked me between 1000-1010 about Zoro vs King, and I'm not even half as adamant about Yamato fighting Jack. It's obvious she won't be fighting Kaido the entire time though, she will eventually be removed from the fight.

Really easy scenario to process:

- Jack beats Inu
- Jack goes to Performance Floor
- Everyone too distracted to handle Jack
- Luffy sends Yamato through the rooftop hole (directly above Performance Floor) to stop Jack.

And if that doesnt happen, I dont care lol. Just that I think it's possible. And before people say "she's too strong for Jack", realize who Zoro is fighting right now after scarring Kaido.

The point is to keep an open mind about what can happen. Thats it.
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