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A solid 2/5. Not much to say. I just feel like oda could have made this chapter a lot shorter. Anyway, seems like all the final match ups are set:
Kaido vs luffy and Yamato
Big mom vs law and kidd
Zoro vs king
Sanji vs queen
Neko vs pero
Inu vs jack
Killer vs hawkins

What happened to orochi and denjiro by the way? They ve been missing for an eternity.
This chapter is lit 🔥🔥🔥🔥

Damn Yamato is a beast her endurance is off the charts, her being able to go toe to toe against Kaido just make's her even more badass

Oh shit does this confirm that Kaido is a "oni" is that the reason Big Mom called Kaido a "thing"

Kaido really is a god damn monster fighting non-stop + carrying an island (Onigashima)

- 9 Scabbards., - 5 Supernovas, - Yamato, - Luffy, Yamato, Momonouske) (Damn that Luffy/Yamato combo looked dope as hell)
The World's Strongest Creature name definitely holds up for sure.

I am glad to see Momonouske didn't miraculously conquer his fear of heights just by aging, he still has room for development
Were oni's from the moons too?

Kaido recruiting King .. Does it entail more than it meets the eye..?

If yamato is a hybrid breed of kaido and a human... Does that bolster possibilities of Sora being a skypian or a part lunarian..? but this is a Stretch.

Are the Moons are finally being given lore and character.. Then ENEL WILL DESCEND TOO?

Does that mean the dragon Ryuma slayed wasn't from earth too?

The God's land and Kaido are they related?

ACCORDING the the viver cards.. Sanji's speciality in RS is disguise... Unlike his siblings who can manipulate their elements in it.. Is fire really a part of it?.. AND IF IT is.. Then why no sanji use DJ?!

Not a chapter that covered much ground, but an entertaining one. Most interesting thing was Kaido and Yamato’s talk- is he literally an Oni, a different species, or speaking metaphoricall? I think literally, and I think all the other horned humans we’ve seen might be oni as well. Maybe Kaido and Moria are the same race? That panel of him where he loses his temper and starts beating down on Yamato with a demon face was very effective.

Yamato, her Gaara ice shield is clever. And the more we get of her past the more Strawhat it is- “you’re alone, nobody loves you, you can only rule people, never be friends with them, the people of Wano will never accept you, you will never leave this island, you will be Shogun”- you can count on every single thing Kaido says to her to turn out false. What’ll be interesting is how Luffy reacts now when Kaido starts saying all this stuff to her, this should be her big joining moment.

Momo’s mad dash was fun, Luffy’s endless abuse of an eight year old for being a coward will never stop being entertaining, even if he‘s twenty eight in body. I did like him manning up and opening his eyes when he learned that Kaido was in front of him.

So, that’s a volume ender. Next ten chapters will be for finishing the other fights except for maybe Big Mom. Depends on how much focus the non-Strawhat fights get whether she fits in or not
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