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King of the Witch Kingdom
"Jack will get back up! He should have awakening!"

Jack: "The dragon's called the “thundercloud”...!!
The moon has stopped shining tonight.
Huh... Huh...
... If you had attacked me 1 more time
I wouldn't be able to stand again!!"
“Jack the Drought”, the All-Star of the Beast Pirates, has been defeated.
It's officially confirmed that Jack is defeated and isn't going to come back again.
We have to look at the thematics of the story, and everything leading up to Wano. Oda kept hammering home the point about taking down Kaido and Orochi. Even though Kaido was the focus of being the Big Bad, Oda still placed heavy emphasis on Orochi needing to be defeated.

Wano might be under Kaido's control from the shadows, but the people of the Country recognize Orochi as their leader, and one of the key factors of their suffering for all these years.

Even though Kaido is also a factor into the suffering of the people of Wano, the two actually share this sentiment. The two are basically two sides of the same coin. The people need to witness Kaido's defeat, but at the same time, the way Oda has setup Orochi, it is also clear that the people of the Country also need to witness Orochi's defeat.

That is the ONLY way the horrendous chapter of the lives of the people of Wano can come to a close. It can't be one or the other, but rather needs to be both, as this is the first time Oda has had two antagonists be responsible for the suffering of one Country.

There is no way in hell Oda can throw all that out the window, and turns this strictly into the Kaido and Beast Pirates show. It resolves nothing on Orochi's end, and would be a terrible way for Oda to go about concluding Wano. The best way Oda can rectify this, is by turning Orochi into something that needs to be dealt with, and witnessed by everyone in the Country. Only then can they truly be free from the shackles that has bound them for over 20 years.
Well Inu and Neko are now free as is Momo. I also think that Zoro and Sanji tag teaming king and queen might not be an extreme diff battle but instead high diff leaving a whole bunch of people in need to something to do in the arc. Would be cool if Orochi ended up being strong as fuck and like an Oars type figure. Also makes sense for Zoro to kill Orochi given all their connections.


Luffy has no more competition.

Luffy will eventually come out of Wano at Emperor level.

Big Mom is going to get Wano's Road Poneglyph and run away.

Kaido will lose to Luffy and Big Mom will see her little brother beaten.
well why would she take a RP when she know that will cause Luffy to go after her head and defeat her. if she managed to escape she will not do such a thing. after all Luffy told her that he will defeat her after Kaido i assume she will go down in Wano as well.
As far as I understand , oda just care sanji , zoro and luffy fight anymore. Yamato seem exhauted and at her limit anymore.
And one more time , I admired Sanji. The only guy who did not rest during the onigashima is Sanji and he are still managing fight . All of character exhausted or done anymore.
Law , Kid , Sanji , Zoro and Luffy golden five.
@Paperchampion23 @playa4321 How is this the attack that beats Jack? Ulti got pierced by Big Mom’s Maser Cannon and could still fight afterwords, but Jack, who should have much more endurance, goes down to being stabbed through the abdomen
He already was defeated once before though, and pretty badly to boot after fighting a sulong army and 2 Mink Kings.

Jack's defeat is entirely circumstantial
me pregunto que haran los que aun creen tristemente que ocurrira el ZKK cuando finalice el arco y no haya ZKK...jajajja se refugiaran en sus madrigueras?
saldran de su pais?
se volveran ermitaños?
les regresara la cordura?
Man 2 best designed Beasts Pirates, Jack and PageOne, went down without a named attack :josad:
Atleast Perospero had some decent showing in WCI (some cool attacks) plus nobody expected him to keep pushing against a YC like Sulong Neko..

But Jack on the other hand was done absolutely dirty

but yeah still Perospero deserved some cool moments against Neko too, but we have the worst mangaka of this decade, being the one, who is handling by POTENTIAL alone- the best SHOUNEN in this decade and that is the result

Embarrassingly bad written story
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