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Honestly, Jack is replacing Ace as the weakest commander in my mind.
After all the beatings Jack has been through, I can't say he's the weakest. He's arguably taken the most damage ( probably 2nd most ) & got up multiple times. Fought a sulong mink army basically solo. Fought ashura to a stand still even with his swords broken & lasted 5 days straight on Zou while Inu & Neko + their group had 12 hours intervals of rest.

For a 3rd commander being put up against people above his weight class he did good. It's just a shame Oda didn't give him a legimate win ( if you don't count him using the gas ).

If King & Queen go down here then that'll make them look worse than Jack imo. Jack is very damn strong but it's like people only care about the end result and not everything leading up to it, which if you're going to evaluate a character isn't something you should do.

It's just unfortunate Oda used Jack as an example of how "tough/durable" the beast pirates are, when in actuality only Kaido, Jack & Ulti proved to be the tough durable ones since it took A LOT to put them down ( excluding Kaido )
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:milaugh:The funny part about "zoro is equal or near Luffy " is that Zoro is steps behind
Zoro is top YC level this arc after getting PUs and will beat a YC while Luffy was Too YC level since DR and surpassed YCs after gaining fS and matched Katakuri
Now luffy is solid top tier while zoro will be sold too tier when they face Navy/WG coz Zoro will be low top when he fights and beat Shiryu not solid top tier
Shiryu isn‘t zoros final battle lol. That will be mihawk a another solid top tier and Zoro will surpass him.
Anyone can hurt kaido as long as they have adv CoA, dosent matter wich kind of atack. His skin makes him invulnerable to ALL atacks, including blades.

Only diference is that Luffy is bypassing his skin's defense while Zoro is breaking through it, skin and all, showing how superior his AP is.
And Zoro accidentally did that
From TalkOP:

Fairly reminder to anyone who might get upset about Momo's scaling!

This is only the beginning of Oda's bullshit.

He went from being a crybaby child to dodging Boro Breath and biting Kaido who screams in pain.

This is only the beginning.

Next up CoC reveal, Voat and etc.

Fuck you Oda.
Momo Hype:myman::cheers:
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