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Spoiler, thanks to redon from Arlong Park Forums.

Little Spoiler, more soon :feelsokeman:

- Chapter 1,026: "The Decisive Battle" (天王山).
- Kaidou shoots his “Bolo Breath” and Momonosuke barely manages to dodge it.
- Momonosuke bites Kaidou, who screams in pain.
- Inuarashi and Nekomamushi lose their “Sulong” form because the clouds have covered the moon.
- Luffy and Kaidou attack each other using Color of the Supreme King Haki. Their attacks do not touch but the impact is so strong that the sky splits in two.
- Thanks to that, the full moon can be seen again so Inuarashi and Nekomamushi recover their “Sulong” form and defeat Jack and Perospero.
From TalkOP:

-Momo has a Bravery moment where he states something like:
"If I've already bitten a Yonko, there's nothing I could be afraid of"
-He tries (or goes) to save Onigashima from falling
-Carrot appears doing nothing, she just has a comment about the clouds situation to inform Neko :josad:

Thnx Lance for the correction.
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-Momo has a Bravery moment where he states something like:
"If I've already bitten a Yonko, there's nothing I could be afraid of"
Momonosuke doesn't say that, it's another character.

-Carrot appears doing nothing, she just has a comment about the clouds situation to inform Neko :josad:
She doesn't talk with Nekomamushi, she only says he lost his Sulong form.
Full summary, thanks to redon from Arlong Park Forums.

Chapter 1,026: “Crucial Time" (“天王山” in japanese, it means too “watershed”).

In the cover, Nami and Leo are making a t-shirt for a lion cub who is next to his father (they are Minks). All of them are in a store called “Haute Couture Nami” and the t-shirt design is the lion-sunflower that Bell-mère made for Nami when she was a child (in the clothes she inherited from Nojiko).

Chapter starts in the “Flower Capital”, there people are enjoying the festival. Tenguyama asks Toko if she is having a good time, she says yes while she eats a Wanji. We see a little flashback of the moment when Tama leaves Wanokuni with Speed in a boat towards Onigashima. Tama tells Tenguyama that she has to go help, although she doesn't know if she will return. Speed says she will protect Tama. Back to the present, Tenguyama wonders if Tama is safe.

The sky in the “Flower Capital” is covered by clouds, so the people at the festival can't see that Onigashima is approaching to the capital.

Cut to Onigashima's rooftop, we see a Mary (a man from Kaidou's army) that is observing the battle and reporting the situation to the rest of his companions. His voice is amplified to be heard throughout the castle.

Mary: "Report about the mysterious dragon!!
Right now on the roof is the wounded young Yamato.
And in the sky there is something incredible... two dragons face to face!!
The blue dragon is Kaidou-sama!!
And pirate “Straw Hat Luffy” is riding a pink dragon!!!"

Yamato looks at Momonosuke as he remembers some words Momonosuke said to him when he was still a child.

Momonosuke: "If only I could turn into a monster like him...
it would be such a help to everyone!!"

The Mary keeps talking, saying that the identity of the pink dragon is unknown but there is no doubt that it is an enemy. We see Queen surprised at the Mary's report.

Queen: "Was Yamato the one who stopped Kaidou-san?"

Back to the battle between dragons. Kaidou opens his mouth and prepares to shoot his “Bolo Breath”. Luffy tells Momonosuke to shoot something from his mouth too but Momonosuke has no idea how to do it. Kaidou finally shoots his “Bolo Breath” and Momonosuke barely manages to dodge it.

Luffy says something to Momonosuke that shocks him (we don't know what) and then jumps towards Kaidou. Luffy blows up his left arm and attacks Kaidou with his “Gomu Gomu no Elephant Gun” hitting Kaidou's head (that crashes into the ground). Momonosuke thinks about what Luffy told him.

Luffy: "Hey Momo!!
Bite Kaidou!!"

Momonosuke: "I can't, I can't...!!

Momonosuke remembers Kaidou's assault at Kuri's castle after Oden's death and how Kaidou attacked his mother. That's when Momonosuke musters up enough courage and gives a strong bite at Kaidou's body.

Kaidou: "Uwaaaa!!!"

Kaidou screams in pain, Momonosuke remembers the moment when Kaidou told him that his father was a fool of a lord and bites him harder. However, Kaidou turns around and looks very annoyed at him.

Kaidou: "What do you think you are doing!!!"

Although Momonosuke looks at him with fear, he doesn't stop biting Kaidou.

Momonosuke: "You have destroyed Wanokuni!!
I have to stop you anyway.
My father was...!!
My mother was...!!"

Seeing the situation, Yamato runs off to help Momonosuke. But Luffy arrives first and punches Kaidou in the face.

Luffy: "Well done Momo~~~!!!"

Cut to the treasure room on the 2nd floor. The sky is covered with clouds, so Inuarashi has returned to his normal form and is exhausted.

Jack: "The dragon's called the “thundercloud”...!!
The moon has stopped shining tonight.
Huh... Huh...
... If you had attacked me 1 more time
I wouldn't be able to stand again!!"

Inuarashi: "..."

Nekomamushi is in the same situation as Inuarashi, he has almost no strength. Perospero talks to him while holds a huge Wanji axe.

Perospero: "Don't you blame the moon...!?
You are out of luck!! Perorin ♪"

Nekomamushi: "..."

Perospero: "My luck is too strong for you, cat boss!!"

Carrot and Wanda watch helplessly.

Carrot: "Master Nekomamushi!!
The “Sulong” has disappeared."

Luffy's voice is heard throughout the castle.

Luffy: "Momo!!"

Samuari: "Uh!? Momonosuke-sama!?"

Luffy: "What you have just bitten is one of the “Yonkou” himself!!
Is there anything in this world that you still need to fear!!?"

Momonosuke: "...!!

Yamato: "..."

Momonosuke: "No!!!"

Luffy: "Go!! You can fly!!"

Momonosuke: "Yes!!"

Luffy: "Stop Onigashima!!"

We can see Zoro and Sanji fighting back to back while they discover the dragon was Momonosuke.

Luffy: "Leave Kaidou to me!!
I will definitely win!!!"

We have now a magnificent double page. In the right part we see a defiant Luffy and Kaidou in dragon form (he's very serious). In the center we see the joy of the samurai alliance at Luffy's words and the news about Momonosuke. We also see the reactions of some characters like Tama, Nami or Franky.

Big Mom: "Ma~~~mamamama!!
Did you hear it!? What a funny guy!!"

Kid: "Of course you have to!"

Law: "What on earth has he been doing?"

Kaidou transforms into his hybrid form and goes after Luffy.

Kaidou: "...
Do you think there still a possibility that you can beat me!?"

Luffy: "As long as I'm alive
the possibility is limitless!!"

Kaidou attacks with his kanabo and Luffy with his fist, both use Color of the Supreme King Haki. There is a massive shockwave of black lightning, but their attacks do not touch (the same that happened with Roger and Shirohige). The impact is so powerful that the clouds begin to separate and the sky splits in two.

The Mary that was observing the battle reports what happened to the entire castle before being knocked out by the Haki. After this, the sky is open and the full moon can be seen clearly again. Jack and Perospero look at the moon in amazement as Inuarashi and Nekomamushi transform into Sulong...

Inuarashi: "What were you saying...!?"

Nekomamushi: "Where is your luck now...?"

Inuarashi and Nekomamushi: "“Oden Ittoryu ”(Oden's One Sword Style)"

Nekomamushi: "“Nikoneko Bam” (Smiling Cat Strike - 猫笑衝突 (ネコニコバーン))"

Inuarashi: "“Inu-spire” (Dog Powerful Cutting Arrow - 犬斬威矢 (イヌスパ イヤー))"

Nekomamushi throws a powerful swipe at Perospero, shattering part of his hat and breaking his Wanji arm. Inuarashi attacks with his sword-leg like a spear, breaking Jack's belt and piercing his stomach.

Perospero, the eldest child of the Big Mom Pirates, has been defeated. “Jack the Drought”, the All-Star of the Beast Pirates, has been defeated.

A small door opens into the building near where Jack and Inuarashi were fighting. It's Orochi, who has been watching the entire battle in the shadows...

Orochi: "Jack is defeated!?
It has nothing to do with me tho...!!"

End of the chapter, no break next week.
About the title (tennouzan), I have no idea if I'm wrong or there is just communication all over the place. The title is a reference to a war in 16th century. All you have to know is that the title refers to a stage in war from where either the win or defeat is ensured and your fate will be fixed from that point.

1st page:
[Wano Country Flower Capital]
Tenguyama Hitetsu: Are you having fun, o-toko?
O-Toko: yes
Tenguyama: Where are you going o-tama?
Tama: Forgive me, master,

[Page 2]
Tama: but I can't help it.
Speed & others: We'll definitely protect you!!
Tengu: Turn Back
[Flashback ends]
Tengu: .......
Tengu: Is she safe? There's no way to know what's beyond the sea
[Cut to Rooftop]
A merry: I'm reporting on the mysterious dragon! Currently, there is an injured Yamato on the rooftop. And there is an .......unbelievable sight......... in the sky!!

[Page 3]
Merry: There are 2 dragons!! Kaido-sama is blue dragon and pirate "Straw Hat Luffy" is riding on a peach-colored dragon!
[Yamato's flashback]:
Momo: Being such a monster would be of some help to everyone!
[Flashback ends]
Merry: The identity is still unknown.
Queen: Was it Yamato who stopped Kaido-san?
Merry: There is no doubt that he is an enemy!!
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[Page 4]
[Kaido charges up Boro Breath]
Momo: He's gonna do fire breathing.
Luffy: Alright! You also breathe something!
Momo: What? I can't do that!
Kaido: Boro Breath
Momo: Gyaaaaaa [dodges]
Momo: You... You're wrong. I didn't come to fight
Luffy: Oi Momo!
Momo: hm?
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[Page 5]
Momo: Heeeh? Wait Luffy, that's impossible. Impossible!
Luffy: Gomu Gomu no Elephant
Kaido: !
Luffy: Gun
[Flashback of earlier]
Luffy: Oi Momo! Bite into Kaido!
Momo: That's impossible
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[Page 6]
Momo: Impossible
Momo: I was surrounded...
Some samurai in the castle: It's Kaido! Please run away, Toki-sama!
[Flashback ends]
Momo: Grrr
[Momo bites]
Kaido: Uwaaah!!!
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[Page 7]
[Kaido's Flashback]
Kaido: Your father is a foolish lord.
Momo: waaaaaaaaaa
[Flashback ends]
Momo: [still biting] Grrr
Kaido: What are you doing, you brat?
Momo's inner monologue: My father was... My mother was...
Yamato: Momo, get away/leave
Momo: Yamato!!?
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[Page 8]
Luffy: That's it Momo
[Castle interior, Treasure Room]
(confused about this line due to the blur, but it's basically this:)
Jack: Dragon's thundercloud has blocked the sky. The moon has been blocked now. Huff Huff
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[Page 9]
Jack: If you'd hit me with another blow, I may not be have been able to stand anymore.
Perespero: Don't the blame the moon, will you? You're out of luck!! Perorin
Perespero: My luck was just too strong cat boss (calls him neko oyabun)
Carrot: Nekomamushi boss (calls him dan'na)!! His Tsulong has been disengaged
Samurai (I forgot name lol): Momo!? What? Momonosuke-sama!?
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[Page 10]
You've bitten a "yonko" now. Is there anything in this world that you're still afraid of?
Momo: N..... No!
Luffy: Now go! You can fly!
Momo: Yes
Luffy: Stop Onigashima
Sanji: Did he say "Momo"?
Zoro: Yeah... I can't believe he is that huge dragon now. (i messed up here previously, extremely sorry)
Sanji: No, stupid! (he says: "iye bakana (いやバカな)". this is the best i got, he maybe is trying to imply something else)
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[Page 11]
Luffy: I'll take care of Kaido
Samurai Alliance: We'll definitely win!!!!!!!! Luffytaro-san!! Momonosuke-sama!!
Big Mom: Ma~mamama! Did you hear that? What an interesting man!
Kid: Naturally, we have to win!
Law: Just what the hell is he doing?
Tama: Aniki!! Momo-kun!!
Franky: Gahahaha! Just do it Luffy!
Samurai: Luffy-taro-san!!
Kaido: Do you think there is even a possibility of you defeating me?
Luffy: I'm alive. So there's infinitely many possibility!
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Merry: I'm reporting! The heavens has been cracked! (or: The sky has been split)
Inuarashi: Nothing needs to be said.
Nekomamushi: Now, where is your luck?
Perespero: oh(w)aaa~~
Nekomamushi and Inuarashi: Oden Itoryu (1 sword style)
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[Page 14]
Nekomamushi: (attack name is literally:) Laughing Cat Collision
Inuarashi: (attack name is literally:) Dog's Slashing Arrow
"Big Mom Pirates" 1st son: Perespero has been defeated.
"Beast Pirates" All Star "Jack the Drought" has been defeated.
Inuarashi: Huff Huff
Orochi(thinking to himself): ......
Orochi(thinking to himself): No way... Jack got def.... Whatever, it doesn't matter to me.........

Breakdown of attack names
Neko's: 猫笑衝突 : 猫 (neko: cat) 笑(wara: smile/laugh) 衝突 (shototsu: collision, clash, conflict)
Inu's: 犬斬威矢 : 犬(inu: dog) 斬威 (jamn(g)i: slash. jamn(g)=slash. ee=power) 矢 (ya: arrow)
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