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Heavy Metal
I mean Blackbeard could instantly do Whitebeard's techniques once he got his devil fruit and Sabo could use Ace's Hiken instantly as well.

It feels really contrived but this is an hax ability in the first place right?
Yeah use it seems fair, but to this extent? I mean it’s ok at the end, since he Is no child anymore and we don’t know how this is constructed, I just thought about a solution if Momo isn’t able to.
Do you guys Momo will be able to hold and move Onigashima on his own? Don’t knowing he can be this powerful instantly.

normaly Luffy would stop these kind of catastrophic, but to move a flying island seems just unfitting for his abilities.

So maybe, if it gets to much for Momo, Law and Kid could have fitting abilities for this kind of stuff.
Nice. Personally I'd like it more if Law will be the one to hold the island but I think Oda will still go with the Momo route.
Or kid is gonna lift it with all he has, or keep it in the sky for a short amount of time, till law can create a room big enough to switch it with something in the sea.
Yeah that'll be good too for sure, since there is that huge ass sword there, he can try lifting it with the island. It will be a nice feat for both of them.


Heavy Metal
There is Caribou as well on Wano. He's another solution. Since his swamp DF can technically take in anything and store it inside.
Just imagine a panel where kid stands in the ground of wano, pushing all he has upfront to Onigashima, Genkidama like, screaming from pain, pushed in the ground by pure pressure, bleeding from his eyes and mouth cause of the pressure, all muscles flexing on max, just to lift a fucking island.
ZKK will not Happen. Lol. Zorotards are the only delusional minorities who thinks Zoro will kill Kaido. lol
Now I understand why Zorotards are hyping King. That is damage control when ZKK doesn't happen.
Zorotards aside.
Zorotards - Master of Delusion. Lol. Living in their own world. ODA MUST BE LAUGHING. lol
That's expected from a Zorotard. Self-made meme will make them happy. lol Filling his storage with Sanji memes. That is what you get from people who have no life outside WORSTGEN. lol


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first 10 pages are 0/5
this yamato/luffy/momo shit is unbelievably boring :whitepress:

5 pages of Woro vs Wing brought it to 5/5 :steef::steef:

sanji actually lost his leg to king slash attack, and fainted because of the pain :crazwhat: @Finalbeta
I think Chrono is exaggerating with his phantomatic Queen scenarios.

He probably thinks Queen can shout light speed virus imbued lasers and that Sanji will dodge them suit or not. In reality I'm not even sure of virus notion.

In the past though he was used to spell King >> Queen all day all night when he thought he would be tackled by Sanji.
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