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Yamato can say all about "Oden this/Oden that"....but she is quite level headed....she got her priorities right......she didn't show any kind of panic....infact the dynamic between Momo and Yamato is very good.....lol, I liked how she boinked Momo.....literally she called him "moron"....kinda like Luffy..."the insolent brat"....

Few statements I can't make head or tail of this chapter......I will wait until official version comes out and then comment on some of the Yamato dialogues about Luffy like "eventhough he is barely standing..."
Don't rely 100% on Viz, this translation seems correct because ギリギリで - barely 立ちてる- standing

So the amount of damage that Luffy took earlier, due to not having and then not being proficient with adv CoC, is portrayed as more than the damage Kaido has taken, which makes sense, he has been knocked out once, and fainted once due to fatigue. So Luffy is more "nerfed" going into this 1vs1 than Kaido.
Just imagine a panel where kid stands in the ground of wano, pushing all he has upfront to Onigashima, Genkidama like, screaming from pain, pushed in the ground by pure pressure, bleeding from his eyes and mouth cause of the pressure, all muscles flexing on max, just to lift a fucking island.
Him using a combination of Physical strength and Repel on a Island wide scale, while controlling multiple metal particles to hold Island up would be epic as all hell.
So now panel count also taken for powerscaling? :suresure:
It counts for importance, you would see that Luffy and Zoro are no.1 and 2 on the protag side while Kaido and Big Mom are the no.1 and 2 on the villain side. Of course these are things that need some noticing ability.
I know he is up against a main protagonist's alliance and shit but if Kaido already feels worse not even fighting few days it's straight up trash.
It's obviously a matter of on-panel vs off-panel.Rookie Ace and Jinbe went at it for 5 days.Does that mean they were tougher than Katakuri, Luffy and Doffy? It doesn't.

Wonderful World

Overall a pretty good chapter.

Just like that, my opinion of King has changed, but I still prefer Queen :ihaha::cantseeme:

That aside, King is such a badass with that menacing walk. I can tell the climax for this is going to be great since it's been a while since we've seen Zoro seemingly struggle. I'm also curious to see what other new moves he might pull out next. More than that, I really want to see his face and whatever that tattoo (?) might be.

No sign of Sanji, so I'm curious if he's undergoing his "changes" or whatever.

Still, I hope these battles don't actually end in 5 minutes or something. If Luffy took 12-13 hours to finish his battle with Katakuri, then there's no way Zoro and Sanji should be finishing theirs this quickly. I know the circumstances were different, but still, 5 minutes?
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Majority of the chapter was wasted on momo being a crybaby again, how is this chapter so hyped?

Indeed, 10 pages of Momo again + previous past chapter + 5 pages for King.
I hope Oda gona stay on this plot just by following how he draw the past chapters. He kept the Momo plot for 3 chapters without changing plot, Yamato too 2 chapters. Would be pretty bad if he switch completely plot especially after the editor comment about King.

But yea, this chapter I dont see such a big hype maybe 2 good panel of clashing.

So ZorovsKing was very short but like the title said:< an unbelievable disaster> this chapter was main focus again on Momo.

The art for King hybrid form was okay, not bad not good a bit messy though, I miss the detail in it, maybe due to express the speed in the fight, but I find it a bit to lacky. usually oda draw it better.
It counts for importance, you would see that Luffy and Zoro are no.1 and 2 on the protag side while Kaido and Big Mom are the no.1 and 2 on the villain side. Of course these are things that need some noticing ability.
So, King <<< Queen based on that count right? Or as a matter of fact King <<<< everyone in that list. Then now we see the same King the background giving Zoro trouble, what does that say about Zoro then?


𝐊𝐨𝐤𝐮𝐭𝐨 𝐒𝐡𝐮𝐬𝐮𝐢
Oh, then what about giants fighting for years? that means admirals << those giants right?
My point was about Top Tiers not some fodders bitches.

If Oda was half-serious with his writing and the hype Yonko in general have, Kaido should be able to finish off alliance all by himself before the next booze round.
This guy has psychological issues.
Lol. A zorotard always call names on people who disagree with them. Lol

How does it feel being called out just by being a Zorotard? lol. Anyway, if anything else it was you Zorotards who has serious mental illness thinking the story revolves around Zoro. lol.
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