Strongest YC1

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Shyru ~ Ben ~ Base King > Marco > Katakuri > Cracker / Queen >= Jack

Strongest YC1 might be Hybrid King
He can literally wipe out every YC in base form like he did to marco, marco not even able to push him to hyrbid thats saying something

I got hybrid king as Equal to base Kaido/ Bigmeme
Lol, even Page One tanked an EG from Post Training Luffy. This Luffy >>> DR Luffy.
Later on, Fujitora blocked everything with 0 issues.
How did Page 1 "tank" the attack? He was temporarily down. 2-3 more of those hits and he was out.

And ironically Page 1 went out in a way less embarrassing way than Queen

What L?It is what it is Katakuri is dogshit he s in the past deal with it
Zoro has the feats and if King does good against him he gets hyped:cheers:
Katakuri can't even tickle King with his weak ass attacks
“Zoro has the feats”, again that’s not an argument, you’re such a clown. It’s like saying yamato was fighting kaido evenly 1 on 1 , so she shits on all the supernovas. King can’t even touch katakuri.
Katakuri can t even tickle Kaido's balls:suresure:
So u mad that King fights someone with good feats meanwhile Katacuck lost to WCI Luffy that got one shoted by base Kaido

Yeah Katacuck lost due to plot armor. Lol. King on the other hand cannot even beat Marco how was only fighting to keep him occupied. What a pity
Big Mom is close to Kaido in strength too, yet she ran away from Marco who jobbed to King not even trying. :crazwhat:
Marco was taking on both calamities, blitzing them and dealing damage, while wasting his flames on the alliance, both of which wore him down. While everything else happened off panel. And now Marco is still lively.
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