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COC does not mean anything by itself.

He showed the power to overpower a serious Zoro, and send him massively flying. This is on par with what the other commanders did in overpowering Luffy's defenses and sending him flying at the very least.

Even if you think that Zoro is only comparable to base or gear 2nd Luffy from Dressrosa or WCI(which is kind of silly because Zoro currently should be a lot stronger than base, gear 2nd, and gear 3rd Luffy back then), what King did here is still on par, if not more impressive than what other commanders accomplished against Luffy back then.
Mate nobody else beat Boundman except kaido and kata who treats it like fodder
Not sure how King overpowering Zoro even comes close to this

CoC means you have more potential and stronger than someone form your generation who lacks it
That's why luffy/Kidd>Law as doffy himself was aware of it.

Katakuri wouldn't need even to exert much efforts to finish alliance CoC unleashed + awakening, 90% is out

Nobody will top Katakuri unless King matches ashura zoro or trash zoro (even after using ISDS/Secret moves) that's when I can say he's equal to base Katakuri.

Katakuri trashed G4 and matched fs G4
King is yet to trash full power zoro (outside of ashura) and match ashura zoro or powered up Zoro

No need to continue here

You are the one coping coz Marco fought casual Calamities and was exhausted
Cox he got choked like fodder by linlin
A loser with 3 AP
Yeah run from argument when its debunked. Even perospero and flampe is not following Katakuri, useless CoC user. And his bounty is not even close to Queen's.

The difference is Katakuri couldn't even fight Big mom like Marco did, couldn't clash her and he couldn't ragdoll King + Queen at the same time and couldn't choke them.

All he could do is dodging and running, not clashing and ragdolling.

Big mom asking perospero to finish, and saying Marco should've been better than others > Katakuri being scolded by Big mom.

Marco's physicals + AP > Katakuri's physicals + AP.

Keep coping.
Ulti couldn't land a single attacks on Luffy and could grab him only because of P1
And G3 Luffy
YC2 Zoro
Ulti+momentum vs Base luffy who just block lmaaoo
Next panels Luffy toys with Ulti and Page one
Read dude
Yeah. Just like Hybrid King + momentum vs CoA-less Zoro who just blocked with his attack

The point is literally to show you that characters can be thrown away and it doesn't mean shit if they're not even trying. Luffy was in base, meanwhile Zoro didn't even bother using haki
So the wind blades grazed Queens ass? That's the worst spot to get cut, how's he supposed to take a break now? I mean, Sanji's gone to the store around the corner to get his he has some time to rest, but now it's been ruined thanks to King, #Queen'srestmatters, #KingisanabusiveYC1, #StopYC2abuse, :kata:
Where the beak tho ? He wanted to split Sanji in half. Whilst Zoro is getting sent flying by his nameless slash like a fodder.
king throws stronger slashes than dragon kaido who cut a ryou master arm :steef:
the beak is useless also king was calm against sanji and sanji even got ko
against zoro he was mad af because of the mask


𝐊𝐨𝐤𝐮𝐭𝐨 𝐒𝐡𝐮𝐬𝐮𝐢
the same zoro that get ragdolled by ’zoro would one shotted’ king?
the same zoro who goes down after a single non haki stab from nerfed killer?
You know no one cares about your whining ass don't you?

Lanji is hardstuck vs fat clown whereas Zoro fights one of the strongest commanders and later he will behead Kaido.

You must be in pain.
This dude is weird af. Butts into a conversation and starts to swear like a madlad lol. Not to mention that Zoro shits on all these aforementioned feats, like it actually proves his point lol.
Well, on the other hand we had post Enma Zoro when backed up by Hybrid Drake, taking Apoo on and Apoo was holding his ground, huffing against gifters and saying their skill runs deep. I think Oda isn't that consistent for the sake of plot, so one should not use circular thinking like:

"Zoro stalled Hakai and scarred Kaido and now struggles against King? That means King must be just up there too"

Katakuri was not only casually dodging boundman, he was smashing him through pillars with power mochi, blurring out Luffy's eyes in the process, while Zangiri Mochi made Luffy cough a bucket of blood, whiten his eyes out and rip out chunks of rock out of the ground dwarfing Katakuri, who himself is 5 meters tall. Quite the strong AP for someone specialized on evasion.


The Rogue Prince
Oda's whole fucking bounty system is in relation to Luffy, his bounty is by defintiion not overwanked, "common knowledge" among zorotards is called "retardation" among the sane.
Yeah we "Zorotards" are no different from you all, who are apparently "sane", when you're so arsed by Zoro fighting a fictional character who looks strong that you feel the need to actively downplay him by lying and twisting narratives.

Gol D. Roger

ȶɦɛ քɨʀǟȶɛ ӄɨռɢ
The village idiot speaks once more. You realize Jozu stopped Mihawk's slash, the World's STRONGEST slash? That SHITS on anything King did.

This is the same Jozu that couldn't break Parasite. Guess who broke out of Parasite?

You're a clueless clown that just shits where he eats. Imagine thinking King has more AP than this.

So why didn't the post-Udon G4 bitch slap Hakai?:josad:
As I said, only Marco and King till now have shown partial transformations. I think it might be related to awakening or at the very least is a sign of devil fruit mastery.
OK, but my point was that partially transforming the horn is useless, so it's probably a sign of his full hybrid. If it was only the wings I would 100% say it was a partial transformation, but as things stand that might be his full hybrid form.

We shall see.
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