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Gol D. Roger

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kaido said that only a handful person could fight him as he remembers all the legends. he included luffy in it after receiving his blow. He didnt said the same thing to zoro or other supernova after he received their attacks. Luffy is different tiers to zoro in every except other than swordsmanship
Kaido said only a handful of people can fight him because Luffy damaged him, which is Luffy's first time hurting Kaido after his defeat at Kuri—where Kaido destroyed Luffy. Zoro's never in a similar situation, so expecting the same reactions for both is absurd. We don't need Kaido to remind us only a handful of people can hurt him every time someone capable of hurting Kaido appears before him.

The whole point of Kaido's reaction was the rate at which Luffy grows. He grew strong enough to hurt him in no time; that is why he wondered what happened to Luffy b/w Kuri and Onigashima while questioning just how high his ceiling is compared to those that fought him before.
i mean zoro requested it i don't assume king will oblige but zoro is now pissed so hardening incoming blood lust in the final panel is fr
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how so?
Yamato still have energy to fight If she can still pull out her strongest moves and add new ones then she not tired unless she admitt it
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