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Yup, Zoro cut King's horn, so King lost his shit and started attacking everyone indiscriminately. The helmet broke during the clash with Tiger Hunt. What I don't understand is, how the attack hit King's helmet when Zoro's clashing with one of his winds.
The attack Zoro used has a wide range of impact IIRC. He clashed with King's Wing but a part of his helmet was cleaved off by the airslash Zoro's attack generated probably.


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You mean Luffy slowly and consistently powered up through struggle and haki bloom and eventually fought Kaido.
Meanwhile Zoro got Enma and was trying to be hero by blocking Hakai but got his ass handed to him and had to be carried as a mummy by Sanji throughout several chapters and then got revived by another asspull.
Nah I said what I said, don't try to twist my words bitch.

"Consistently" my ass. Getting KO'ed by Kaido twice in the span of one arc and pulling ACoC out of his arse is anything but consistent. Imagine getting knocked the fuck out and returning as Jesus. This is a far cry from consistent as you can get.

And what does Enma do retard? It's a training tool for Zoro's already goated levels of CoA nothing else.

It allowed him to be at a level where he blocked hakai when Luffy and the other 3 wankas couldn't do anything in the face of it.

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ȶɦɛ քɨʀǟȶɛ ӄɨռɢ
he is another Katakuri who is sensitive about his appearance , Katakuri killed the cooks because they saw his mouth while he was eating. Luffy cured him now Zoro might cure King or just defeat him :D lol
At this point, I wouldn't be surprised if he's Sora's brother, and he just wants to hide his eyebrows.

Oh, you said one his "winds"

that's why i got confused

Oh, my bad! It was a typo, I guess.
King is Dope, And seems equal to kaido
Marco pushed admiral kizaru,Aokiji into Buildings same as this then base king Bodied Marco

And I dont really understand about the King and Kaido Gap, Zoro blocked Kaidos wing slash like a fodder shit meanwhile King slash able to Push Zoro not even 2Yonko fullpowered named attack Hakai capable to push Zoro back.

Its saying somwthing
  • Rooftop Healthy Zoro > Current Zoro is nerfed & outof stamina.. or
  • King > Kaido
(i prefer Current Zoro all healed but no stamina)

I got Current Scales as this, if We replace King instead Luffy, King will already neg diff kaido at the rooftop, Even king wing slashes far superior than kaido.

King > Luffy > Marco > gap > Katakuri

King currently Fastest person in the Wano ,
some one like katakuri with Low Pillow shit AP wont even Made king feel pain
katakuri is Oneshot for Zoro and King thats for sure.

And most Important Thing, Here some retardeds saying all about king pushed zoro, Even marco pushed admirals into buildings,

King vs Zoro, Zoro didnt got a Single damage by King but zoro Already ripped his Face 2 times, Then king vs Zoro named attack only zoros attack did damage to king, king couldnt land a single blow to zoro even his punch aimed at to the Face

Now I cant sure Who is the strongest kaido or King

Kaido/King are Toptiers
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