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Zoro had to be caught by Franky, and was breathing heavily

How can you confuse trembling with breathing heavily?

Sanji wasn't trembling the way you make it sound
Zoro got caught by franky he have to be caught by franky.
If franky hadnt been there zoro would have crashed into a wall and the fight would have played out the same.
Sanji took a while to come back and admitted he would have died without the suit.
"Consistently" my ass. Getting KO'ed by Kaido twice in the span of one arc and pulling ACoC out of his arse is anything but consistent. Imagine getting knocked the fuck out and returning as Jesus. This is a far cry from consistent as you can get.
Luffy has had a lot more build up to fight Kaido. Like, this is literally the most Luffy has trained or worked to fight literally any opponent ever.
Zoro took hakai standing, didnt get sent flying.

Does that mean King's atacks are stronger than two yonkos combined?

Or is Oda just a cuck with no consistency what so ever that just draws based on the rule of cool?
In hat situation it's the type of power he used to defend himself. Against King he just used his swords. Against hakai he was using large powerful barrier haki.
Most of you don't aware the gravity of the situation here.., King, the last of his kind, imagine how much burden he carried all these time on his shoulders, all those dead ancestors, all those dead families he had, all those history of his life and his entire race, everything singled down to his purpose to survive whatever it takes,

Imagine if you're the sole surviving human being, and how much you would push yourself in order to survive, in order to preserve your race legacy, and some of you just want to him to get one shot easily by the likes of Zoro, LOL get the fuck outta here seriously..πŸ€¦πŸ»β€β™‚οΈπŸ€¦πŸ»β€β™‚οΈ, like who the fuck is Zoro?? How he is more important than King..??
The way Japanese change L to R and L to R.... does it mean his name was always supposed to be L-olonoa Zolo? :kata:
My guess is that it's "Lolonoa Zoro" the more legit name. Zoro is inspired from some pirate named Lolonnai I think as for the Zoro part I think it's inspired from the Zoro series.
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