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The Soul King
One Piece - Chapter 1028
Title: Brachio Snake
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This was a damn good chapter

Sanji fans were feasting this week.

Sanji deserves a 1 vs 1 post time skip fight that will push him to his limits, I really gotta know where Oda learned about Dinosaurs from lmao

Queen is a clown lol and vicious at the same time, definitely my favorite commander and the most versatile for sure

Cipher Pol already forgetting about Enies Lobby, if Luffy is out of commission while dealing Kaido I would love to see Yanato, Brook, Jinbei fight CP0
Lovely color spread. Even Oda is celebrating the end of Smash DLC. Nika Luffy and devil Robin looking the best here, and I guess Zoro's Clear Lance last chapter really was his B Up move.

The leopard who didn't learn his lesson. Wano's third party arrives with several WG ships led by Lucci, Stussy and Kaku (or they may be back in Mary Geoise). Back for Robin, again, but also new orders from above that Wano is to be taken over and directly ruled by the WG. All the seastone they want but no more dealing with Doffys or Orochis. Subduing Kaido's main territory is a very tall order that requires powerful forces, so the chaos will move forward only IF Kaido loses with whoever defeated him presumably on very tired legs. Just ignore the Big Mom. It smells like set up for Emperor Luffy to declare his first territory, but that alone may not be enough to get the CP0 to turn back so it'll be interesting to see if SWORD, the Big Mom pirates, or the Strawhat Grand Fleet are brought into this.

Where do I sign up for the Beast Pirate Paleontology class? Queen continues to deliver comedy, personality, drama and insane versatility in his fighting style. Name any Vegapunk cyborg that can detach their neck + spine into a snake that can break Sanji. Absolutely brutal. Queen's a true genius of his era...and then his body's voice activated missiles go off twice. The raid suit's voice mimicry would be useful here. The chapter ends abruptly with Sanji healing immediately and Queen breaking a sword without Sanji budging an inch. Expect a Lunarian power up...get Sanji with Big Mom DNA.

:lumazed: Can Marco join the crew? His fire, flying, kicking and healing abilities are so cool.

:zosleepy: No, we already have Marco at home.

Marco at home:

Sanji the two-faced, two-opposite-swirly-brow son. The raid suit that activated Sanji's dormant genes in Wano ends up being a direct result of his kind heart staying behind in WCI to save the Germa. Sanji now has to accept that he's a child of two parents: a genetic super soldier thanks to Judge's efforts, but one with emotions and free will (unlike Reiju) thanks to Sora's efforts. It's not something Sanji can put back in a can or toss like the raid suit. We could see a resolution similar to Chopper where having the body of a monster is acceptable as long as Sanji can protect his friends.

A banger of a chapter overall. Wano's guard dog Yamato now on the case to stop Kaido's nuke from turning the flower capital into one of Chopper/Hiriluk's sakura mushroom clouds. While it was very impressive that Yamato was never defeated or knocked out by Kaido, going after explosives is the kind of subplot busywork I'd expect for a Strawhat done fighting this arc. Let's hope CP0 doesn't keep us waiting too long.
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