Is Sanji's Power Up Legitimate?

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no it doesn't depend on anything altered genes are unnatural, period. If they weren't they would remain unaltered, this is about as simple as i can put it so i hope even you can understand it.
Like I said, we're kind of stretching the definition of naturally talented given how it was always used in a more metaphorical sense rather than a literal one, since normal people don't talk about genetically enhanced freaks of nature who walk on air

You are using the literal meaning of it lol, yes sanji's gifts aren't natural in the sense that he has them because of human intervention

But he was born with them

While I was just using in the "normal" sense, the one that everyone uses, not the literal one lol

The abilities are normal for sanji, he always had them that's why whole point

We're literally arguing over the meaning of a word here, it's just plainly ridiculous, we don't even disagree on the main core of the debate
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