Is Sanji's Power Up Legitimate?

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I think its debatable if he can survive a full Hakai. If hes unscathed to a sword attack from Queen and breaks his sword. He could be heavily damaged from Hakai, but still alive. As for Zoro and Co. theyd be dead taking Hakai full on.
I completely disagree man. There is no way he can take full hakai. His siblings have the same modefication, so could they take full hakai?

I dont think there was even armament in Queens sword so it not comparable.
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I wouldn't say it to be first hint. Its evident that at that time oda used friction as source. I mean obviously there was no lineage factor and RS bs or germa concept at that time, else we would havve better on it already
Friction was never the cause of DJ. Queen literally stated in 1023 that DJ is inhuman. People cant get DJ by spining.
I doubt the PU stops at defence boost. It most likely gonna be an attack boost as well, since Sanji’s earlier attacks were useless against Queen. Im thinking Sanji unlocks invisibility, and combining it with his DJ somehow will make the AP higher or something.
Last, do you think that Sanji hair will start becoming black (or at least a part or stripe?)

Nah, but you could say he got COC from being bloodline and got his hands to DF due to his connections on Garp knowing Shanks and focal about him. It's dumb to put that as negative on character as it doesn't mean they are not training and working. Sanji trains, but his bloodline comes to the training too. That stupidity talk there and hypocrisy as Zoro got Enma that isn't earned and only bargain and if it is true he is Ryuma's descent, then it was bloodline as well to him by your logic.
What? Sanji trained has a kid and 2 year timeskip. The rest was him getting Judge powerups. The fire, the RS, and now this. Judge literally gave this guy Wayyyy better durability, Made him faster, Attack power better via speed, saving stamina with his flight lmfao This guy even gave him his bounty:gokulaugh:
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