Is Sanji's Power Up Legitimate?

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oh yeah, let's just forget the part that says no other swordsman in Wano was able to use Enma and it would kill most people by sucking up their haki, even the Scabbards
Show me panel on notable characters trying Enma, not fodders. Plus it's out of respect to not use Oden's sword except his family. We have no confirmation if strong swords as Scabbards are unable to handle it if they never try.
Isn't lookin good for sanjis character lmao. Zoro needed that after taking combined attack from TWO YONKOS. Tf are you even reading? Sanji took a hit from mere YC and his bones were shattered.

What gap?
A "hit"?
We don't even know if it's a mere trade of blows or if Sanji was being crushed like Queen's neck is a boa constrictor.
Y'all hella jumpy this week.
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