Is Sanji's Power Up Legitimate?

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Wonderful World

I wonder how the Japanese One Piece community feels about these developments. Like, do they also hate Sanji over there? I know everyone loves Zoro.
When will people learn.....blood doesn't make someone automatically stronger....Zoro or Luffy didn't become strong just cause they are descendant of Ryuma or son of Dragon....they are strong because of training and adapting to fighting.....

And why Sanji has to grow like is perfectly fine if he grows by some kind of gene awakening or not....his goal is not to become strong fighter or anyone...he has to be strong because he is one of the key fighters of strawhats....his growth rate need not to follow the same as Luffy and Zoro......Sanji can still do other things neither Zoro nor Luffy can do....

Some Sanji fans and even some Zoro fans want Sanji to be like Zoro.......grow by suffering or training or whatever which is ironic.......

In a grand scheme, it doesn't matter whether science carried Sanji or not (though this is not entirely true).........even if Sanji uses germa tech, as long as he does for others (like protecting weaker straw hats etc.), it is fine......some people here really didn't understand WCI.....

I know my post won't make any difference.....but I just hope that atleast someone will try to understand and differentiate the character...
Nah, Sanji trained for his more as he didn't have it as a Kid while Zoro given Enma a weapon that is one of two swords to harm Kaido and magical one at that.
That's cap. He always had the potential and thus was a late bloomer. His genetics didn't just all kick in. They were always there. It's just that he is receiving his abilities in portions rather than all at once.
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