Is Sanji's Power Up Legitimate?

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Haki is important to it and it does it own thing as I was saying. Give it to someone else, you get same or more from it. Luffy get more damage from the sword than Zoro.

He did trained to awaken it as he trained to get Haki. He wasn't born on them, bruh.

I mean harder the fight, the stronger you get. Guess you guys ignoring is your new cope after 'one-shot' YCs on Zoro lol.
@BleakAsh, these are my references to answer your comment
Sanji has never trained for anything ever since he joined the Strawhats. Struggle is not a defining trait for him like it is for Luffy or Zoro.
Umm… what? Did sanji not also train during the two years to gain haki and the ability to fight powerful enemies?

And struggle not being a defining trait for him… bruh.
Don't talk about yourself that way....Your at least low-level troll. I see you with bit of 'respect' at least. Though your not helping in your posts though.
Pull up the Quote and Link.... THE PEOPLE are waiting.

You claimed we made a bet, all you have to do to prove your point that I am not a man of my word is pull up the Quote and Link
1. Post one panel where Zoro's other swords harm him? As only Enma got into scales. Enma faker have proven he need Enma to try to harm others, but not effective as Apoo shown.

2. Sanji been fighting longer than him especially fighting more than one enemies.
Show one panel of kaido stating that zoro was only able to leave a permanent scar on him because of enma. Just one. Kaido stated it was because zoro was a user of kings haki


I'll never forgive you Oda
Then why didn't Zoro's Haki not enough on his other swords to get into scales of Kaido? No logic there. Enma is more why than his own skills.
Enma is a conduit for Zoro's haki, point blank.
he hasn't been using his RS.. and he regrets having his DNA and has been a substantial part of the crew without.. until you can prove this claim otherwise.. tone down the gibberish
He used it twice and commented how his body feels weird after it.

So yeah, Sanji's power up comes from playing dress up. Compelling.
I asking you same thing here, TAC. Though can we be serious on moment though. I have question to ask of you.
I'm not the guy pretending putting on clothes is a skill or anything.

Sanji got 2 free power ups this arc

And while I dislike Luffy's future sight and Adv. CoC, I'll admit Luffy worked for those.
Not so much each ability as CPO moves are his own and DJ is still more so his own too and RS is not much of fighting need for him, but more stealth mission, so most of your point doesn't make sense.

Nah, go reread that Sanji trained on his while Zoro got free weapon without earning it and Enma being magical sword.
Wtf are you talking about. RS increases his speed, durability, conserve stamina, and attack power.he used it in a fight already. Will use it in this fight too cause he judges son. Show me where it stated or showed Sanji traing you clown.

All Zoro swords are magical you idiot. Zoro normally has to train them to properly control them. How did he not earn Enma. They literally took his sword in a fair exchange of the sane rank. You literally are not reading the manga. He also had to train to master it and nade it his bitch by getting his haki back. So what have we learned Zoro works for his powerup even tho the swords are fighting against him. One of his swords were even curserld and Zoro will overpowered it. Then he had to master it cause it wasn't listening. Not like Sanji where he stands there and gets it
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