Is Sanji's Power Up Legitimate?

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That's cap since again he trained for two years and got none of those abilities lol. Only when he worse the raid suit did he start getting the other abilities. Unless you are telling me that all the abilities sanji has been using pretimeskip including dj all came from his daddy which actually makes sense
He is training, but he have gotten these abilities from that and RS only on stealth mission, not power thing. He has them from how he was created, but doesn't mean he didn't earned them if he never even have them as a child and have to trained to be stong as he is now.
oda is refusing to give sanji haki power ups like zoro and luffy it is what it is
he s gonna go science route
this exo skeleton gonna boost his durability strenght and speed
zoro luffy yamato jinbei haki masters
sanji franky cyborgs
Jimbei is a martial art master, he's like Robin

Sanji is a freak of nature, like luffy

And he'll likely get a haki power up, given how Oda confirmed he specializes in observation, besides sanji's armement haki is already on the same tier as king's
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