Is Sanji's Power Up Legitimate?

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Yeah that's a pathetic attack. Even real life people can survive from shocks like these, Sanji was knocked out for the rest of the arc.
Btw do you research, 99% of people who have been struck by lightening haven't died.

Zoro on the other hand took the special devil fruit attack Thunder Beast that Knocked out extremely durable wyper

The maximum clown lmfao.
This dude really believes his shit XDDD.
This feat is actually dog shit, Zoro tanked just as strong of an attack and then even stronger attack and then got up even faster, where as Sanji was knocked out for most of the arc

This would have kill Sanji if normal lightening K.Oed him

Sanji tanked El Thor. Are we really trying to act like this move was stronger? El Thor literally eviscerates the floor as God's Judgement.

If anything, shit on Sanji for not tanking this like Wyper did lol
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