Is Sanji's Power Up Legitimate?

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Big Mom crew have been incompetent without Katakuri.
If anything they'll screw themselves over.

Perospero left them thinking he was hot shit (he was actually).
But then got folded by Sulong Neko.

They have no unity or game plan. I don't think they have the will to even go forward.

Anyways if there are fights to be had Id say

Yamato vs Smoothie
Jinbei vs Snack
Franky vs Daifuku
Brook vs Raisin
Compote vs a Trashcan
Flampe vs Usopp
Yamato vs Smoothie not even fair :whitepress:
Zoro power up

Black blade ( weapon/tool)
Enma (weapon / tool)
Coc = permanent
fire cutting = permanent

So if Zoro lose enma he will lose two of his power up

Which means zoro rely on weapon/tool power up too much after this arc because if its taken away he will be weak
No he won't.

The benefit he gains from using enma, improved CoA haki manipulate, can be used with any sword or anything. Any blade can become a black blade. If he turns enma black and then loses it he can just turn his new sword black.
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