Is Sanji's Power Up Legitimate?

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ig people have to carry on with their lives as well innt.. i have personally spent numerous hours on WG (regardless of its fruitfulness lol) and i might be leaving as well or shorten my time here coz atm in just an idle high school graduate.. the uni would have its own environment to deal with then WORK.. MONEY.. my religion ofc, so if i do leave i'd wanna read one piece all over and commemorate me leaving with huge character threads of even SHP and every theme covered in this goated story and what i could derive from it..inshallah.. and then take my leave accordingly.
I see my friend. I guess the best solution is maybe to give priorities the most relevance, but also to not abandon your friends in here.

Maybe your religion would tell you the same? What do you think is the best pattern of choice?
I think he might off screen most of the fight ngl lol
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Queen has more hype than King

Naaaaaahhh have faith. It's far more important than Jack/Peros. She's not a tertiary villain, she's up there with Kaido, King and Queen. The only issue is Oda can only do so much per chapter because how many characters exist. Yes, Kid's been stalling her with Law since like 1015, but its the fact that it's been stalled this long that gives me hope for a decent fight.

Imo I think there are potentially 2 events that will happen that we'll see Kid/Law initially fight BM:

- The first is tied to Killer's victory against Hawkins. I'm sure it's going to involve Killer harming Kid several more times (for drama) until he manages to outsmart Hawkins. Once that happens, Kid won't be landlocked to a handicap and I think we'll see a signficant move/moment from Kid.

- The 2nd I feel may be a bit more theoretical, but I do think that 2 of the CP-0 members in Wano were BMs childhood friends. CP-0 wants the Yonko eliminated, and what I can see happening is they reveal themselves to Linlin and tell her what she did to Caramel and the other kids. This entirely fucks Linlin up and enough for Kid to pierce her bad.

Then I think you'll see some pretty intense shot after, but only after Queen and King are down and we get more of Luffy vs Kaido. Imo there's just way too much setup to offscreen her or remove her from the battles. I think Kid/Law fans will eat well soon, it's just taking a while because it seems like Oda wants to either finish Queen and King first or he at least wants to characterize the fights a lot more (we'll see how 1029 goes if Sanji vs Queen is even focused on or not)
he isn't his brothers thats the point
Isn’t their durability from the exact same place? Did the gene that made his brothers durable somehow change and make Sanji more durable?

Let’s just do a simple test. I doubt Perospero’s bullets can break Crackers’s hard biscuits right?… They were broken by WCI luffy Kong guns though… Can Sanji tank a WCI luffy Kong gun with NO damage now?
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