Is Sanji's Power Up Legitimate?

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By that logic, Sanji actually got ower powered by Maria which for mid diff by Robin. So Robin > Sanji? And guess what this actually happened.
So when you don’t fight back it means you were “overpowered” clown logic at it’s finest lol

Even a clown like you knows Sanji would’ve NEGGED someone like maria without his morals
We don't even yet know the accurate dynamic of the matter. I would wait before making bold statements.

Besides Queen's sword is likely breaking upon King's defence.
Well King and Kata are boths strongest YC, Kata made Ichiji like a pancake, King even with Queens Help he sees Sanji back up again to fight Queen.

Thats why Sanji>>>Ichiji in durability and endurance, right now become large.


Symbol of Despair
Yonji’s durability was still higher than Sanji’s in WCI so all we can say is that it’s higher than it was last arc… Can you say that Sanji’s durability is above Cracker’s biscuits now? No you can’t…
What has Sanji’s previous durability have anything to do with this…

- Yonji’s exoskeleton got broken with a base kick from WCI Sanji
- Current Sanji’s exoskeleton/skin is unscathed to a Hybrid Queen attack and broke his sword

How in good concious can you say both their durabilities are the same.
This is definitely not true… Sanji wasn’t bulletproof in WCI while his brothers were…

maybe you are mistaking durability for Endurance, I can suppose Sanji had more endurance than them

And if you want to add Armament haki, since his brothers don’t have haki, that’s believable that his armament could have pushed his durability

but if it’s plain resistance, Sanji’s brothers were above him… Now with the same exo skeleton the are even and if Sanji uses armament he goes far above them in durability with Haki

that makes sense right?
Well i could say you are partially right, because when Orochi shoot at Toko, Sanji defend his bullet easily with his legs.
Yep, right now Sanji don't need to uses hes DJ to defend himself from bullet. Well wait Kanjuro attacks was tanked by Sanji too, wasnt?
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