Is Sanji's Power Up Legitimate?

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Suddenly, we see that some rockets come out of Queen's torso (specifically, they come out of his back).

Queen: "Look at that!!
Normally brachiosaurus' bodies are useless
because they are basically snakes with legs!!
But I'm a scientist!!
I have equipped the torso with my “Brachio Launchers”!!
If I say its name, the launcher will sho..."

Suddenly, the “Brachio Launchers” shoot out and hit Queen. Queen has said “Brachio Launchers” while he explained it to Sanji, so the missiles have been fired thinking it was an order.

Queen: "Uahh!!!"

Subordinates: "Queen-sama!!"

Queen speaks to his torso.

Queen: "Idiot!!!
I said “Brachio Launchers” because I was explaining the attack...

Subordinates: "Queen-sama!!"

Queen said again the name of the attack, so the missiles are fired at him again. After the 2nd self-attack, Queen ends up releasing Sanji. Queen says that all Sanji's bones should be broken so he won't be able to get up.

This is why I want to die
So what you guys feel would of happened if Queen didn't release Sanji from the grip?
Dude , are you dumb ? all bones broken . what will be if he keep holding ? but ı can understand zoro cant manage 30 broken bones.d and sanji take care of him until he get up .d.dd.d.d.d

same question if law dont save zoro from hakai , what would zoro be ? uuuuuuuuh
And things can change that. Many things can change his response actually
I mean Marine Forces are already spread out dealing capturing/trying to capture the Shikibuaki and even knowing Big Mom, Kaido and Luffy are there with Sengoku in the room he declined.

Its clear this is a CP Mission then Marines as we shaw in Dressrosa they do mission and stuff over the Fleet Admirals head
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