Is Sanji's Power Up Legitimate?

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Interesting that more WG ships seem to be arriving. This should confirm if the BMP are around. Either they start fighting with them or they already are in Wano as well.

Something big is happening here. Curious as to why Lance designates who CP-0's boss is. I assume something g this chapter gives odd that demeanor. I expect him to be to, just not sure
I mean we have seen him before after Marineford in an Office talking to Doflamingo.

In big events such as Marineford, Dressrosa and now Wano he is clearly the big guy so far in CP0, the one wearing the hat
I mean Marine Forces are already spread out dealing capturing/trying to capture the Shikibuaki and even knowing Big Mom, Kaido and Luffy are there with Sengoku in the room he declined.

Its clear this is a CP Mission then Marines as we shaw in Dressrosa they do mission and stuff over the Fleet Admirals head
Again there are several reasons why akainu himself would tell the fleets to stop and focus there attention on wano if needed
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