Is Sanji's Power Up Legitimate?

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Poison Hashira
I have equipped the torso with my “Brachio Launchers”!!
If I say its name, the launcher will sho..."

Suddenly, the “Brachio Launchers” shoot out and hit Queen. Queen has said “Brachio Launchers” while he explained it to Sanji, so the missiles have been fired thinking it was an order.

Queen: "Uahh!!!"

Subordinates: "Queen-sama!!"

Queen speaks to his torso.

Queen: "Idiot!!!
I said “Brachio Launchers” because I was explaining the attack...

Subordinates: "Queen-sama!!"

Queen said again the name of the attack, so the missiles are fired at him again. After the 2nd self-attack, Queen ends up releasing Sanji. Queen says that all Sanji's bones should be broken so he won't be able to get up.
While I can't deny that Queen is a bit dumb here, however two things that must be noted.

1. This is just another gag from Oda.

2. Oda only did this so Queen would let go of Sanji.
if by tard you mean basic reading skills that any normal person should have and not window lickers like you then yeah
lets review shall we cause trolls like you need to be taught how to read
No sanji broke teeth EXTENSIONS out that's all

sanji only kicks queens extension teeth out not his actual teeth

Did no damage to queen
both queen and sanji say so

strongest attack sanji done so far queen didnt even feel it
sanji himself

Sanji wonders what he must do to damage Queen since dinosaurs are very tough.

Gets hit and caught by queen easily only free because of queen's own clownry

Queen: "Wahahaha!!
This is what a brachiosaurus does*!!
Nobody has managed to escape from my “Brachiotoguros”!!!"

*Translation note: It is the same phrase that Sasaki said to Franky.

Sanji screams in pain, the samurai don't know what to do to help him.

Queen: "Even those with powerful “Color of Arms Haki”
are crushed with this attack that destroys bones and organs!!
Come on, show me the power the Germa!!"

Queen ends up releasing Sanji

next time try make actual points if you dont want to be bodied so easily

sure despite the fact i just proved everything i said
Are you trying to fool yourself sanji burned queen …it was said that queen is tired and we didn’t see the panels yet so we can’t tell if sanji’s attacks did damage to queen or not ..what sanji trying to say is to find a way how to defeat him it doesn’t mean that his attack are with no damage
no queen isnt tired
queen got tired of sanji not putting the raid suit on

and no hes done no actual damage to queen
hence hes wondering how to damage queen not beat him
On a separate note boy sanji fans are desperate. I took the liberaty of reading the entire spoiler summary and I would just like to ask, where the did you guys read that sanji has the ability to regenerate? Now if you gah be dumb at least have basis to back up the stupidity.

This is the exact same situation that happened to yonko when his face was dented in. Once a resisting force was applied his face snapped back into place. It's the exact same thing with sanjis leg. His exoskeleton awoke and this with force it is able to snap itself back into place like nothing happened. Nowhere does it even imply the ability to regenerate lol
Zoro vs King will get one full chapter, and Sanji vs Queen will get one full chapter. Until then, Fukurokuju will be defeated, Denjiro will reappear, the Numbers will be dealt with, and maybe Apoo and Hawkins get defeated


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i don't think sanji´s regen will only work after moving away from attack in future. It might work whilst taking attack and something like invincibility unless hit by extremely powerful attack
It depends on the regeneration rate but the situation doesn't look so flourishing.

Like he was walking like a zombie when Queen left the grip so if he was able to regen earlier he would have presumably done it before getting to such appalling physical state lmao.
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