Is Sanji's Power Up Legitimate?

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He wasn't. He was only stronger than Yonji. Niji basically laughed at him and Ichiji is above Yonji

Never happened. He dented Yonji's face and dislocated Niji's Jaw...he never broke their exoskeleton
dude niji laughed at him ,the fact that he can stomp niji if not for ichiji threatening sanji with zeff. Otherwise WTF can they do to him when he straight up fought judge like easily.
Lost because he wasn't moving properly with the transformation inside his body lol.
Even basic comprehension reading these idiots don't have :suresure:
Absolutely no shame.
King sneak attacked Sanji due to this nerf and needed saving by Zoro, what was Zoro's excuse for nearly being attacked by "slow" Queen and needing saving by Sanji?
I don't know how to feel. I always felt that Sanji should have been remained as a normal human and now (even without confirmation) seems like he unlocked the exoskeleton.

I don't know how to feel about it. :josad:
Of course!
It's complete BS writing that contradicts what happened in WCI.
The people who enjoy it only care about the character getting stronger, they don't care about the story writing behind it.
He's not losing his emotions mate even if he does it's going to be temporary to show some inner struggle for Sanji as his passion finally wins over his loss of emotions, otherwise it's really shitty writing from Oda.

Sanji as a character needs to eventually accepts his Vinsmoke lineage sooner or later, this is just the second step after wearing the RS previously.
It was mentioned that Sanji's Lineage factor was modified like his siblings back in WCI however his modifications didn't manifest itself back then thanks to Sora's drug that's why he was considered a failure and a normal human in addition to him still maintaining his emotions.

As for DJ it's obviously related to his emotions and possibly Sora's drug. DJ is outside of Judge's modifications.
sora's drug was supposed to cancel the modifications, not to add new powers.

lunarian flames are not enhanced by emotion, in fact king wasn't using his flames when he was angry last chapter.
I dont know why oda hate sanji so much, dude gets the same time skip training like zoro and luffy, but somehow oda off paneling sanji fights,hes already badly injured and didnt give him power up until wano....

Also if these raid suit is instant power up why not give it to sanji earlier at time skip, seems like training with ivankov is useless, kuma shouldve thrown sanji into germa 66 castle, in the end hes still using the suit and throwing his pride for making luffy PK anyway
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