Is Sanji's Power Up Legitimate?

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I dont know why oda hate sanji so much, dude gets the same time skip training like zoro and luffy, but somehow oda off paneling sanji fights,hes already badly injured and didnt give him power up until wano....

Also if these raid suit is instant power up why not give it to sanji earlier at time skip, seems like training with ivankov is useless, kuma shouldve thrown sanji into germa 66 castle, in the end hes still using the suit and throwing his pride for making luffy PK anyway
Oda just giving Sanji an extreme PU in terms of resiliance and durablity. What do you guys want more? He can heal broken bones now, thats even more stupid than Luffy eating his health back to full health.
When Vergo broke Sanji's leg in Punk Hazard, and I was pretty sure it would affect him later in the next arc (Dressrosa).
But the broken bone plot never came again.

That's probably foreshadowing about this Germa power. Recovering broken bones on its own.
dude he and zoro recovered literally bones breaking nearly every arc. zoro more though
There is a difference between being born with something naturaly and being modified.
I am not really a fan of having abilities or more potential because you come from a certain family, but getting that thru the natural way it stil better than getting modified in a fucked up way.

I can kinda agree, i don't think i will like the Shimotsuki stuff that much, but i just accepted it

but interesting to see a Sanji fan say that you even think that wouldn't be as bad
sanji said that anger makes him stronger, yet king wasn't even using his flames when he was angry.
Because king is a naturall born lunarian, sanji is maybe modified with lunarian dna, so if his brothers got their power from being emotionless it would be perfect for sanji to be stronger BECAUSE HE GOT EMOTIONS.
sora's drug was supposed to cancel the modifications, not to add new powers.

lunarian flames are not enhanced by emotion, in fact king wasn't using his flames when he was angry last chapter.
I don't think Sanji's DJ is a Lunarian thing that's why I mentioned Sora's mystery drug; we don't know how Sora got her hands on it so it could be a possible origin for DJ. Sanji always mentions his emotions, passion and anger when he uses his DJ, that's what's confirmed as the source of his DJ for now. Judge's modifications clearly have nothing to do with DJ.
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