Is Sanji's Power Up Legitimate?

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It could also lead into Sanji using Okama Kenpo. I can see to reasons why he doesn't use it.

1) He'd be too embarrassed
2) Okama Kenpo utilizes strikes with ones hands.

One of those are no longer a factor. It'd be a pretty cool scenario if Oda isolated Sanji and Queen somehow, and we get a scene along the lines of Sanji saying, "I never planned on using this, but now that no one is around, I guess I have no choice."

I made a comment like this years ago, but now it seems like it could be a possibility seeing as using his hands won't be a major issue here. Not to mention this arc shares many parallels to Enies Lobby, and that was the first and only time Sanji ever used his hands to fight.
bruh... Okama Kempo is literally Black Leg style Just different poses........

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