Is Sanji's Power Up Legitimate?

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Yh and the Vins with their exoskeleton would last way less. And if they never had an exoskeleton like Sanji previously, theyd be dead.

The exoskeleton needs a base to work with or it still flop.

- Give an ugly person nice clothes….and theyre still ugly
- Give a weakling a sword….and theyre still weak
- Give trash the Exoskseleton….and theyre still trash.

Give it to Sanji, and he’ll destroy the sword of an Ancient Zoan YC
Hal Jordan said hi:kobeha:
King doesn't even have to win, he just has to push Zoro to extreme difficulty to prove he is stronger than Queen. Zoro is definitivly stronger than Sanji and if someone pushes him extreme diff its clear that his opponent is stronger than the one who pushes sanji to high diff at best.
Or the more obvious conclusion is that Zoro is just at YC lvl… so is Sanji and so is Queen. When that happens it simply means all four at the same lvl. Being on the same lvl isn’t the same as being equal.
Fair play Sanji fans, he has OP powers now and is Sora reincarnation but please stop pretending that before the queen fight he wasnt flying six level with Jinbei and arguably Franky shogun stronger than him.
He one shotted perospero, he was in between jimbei and zoro level pre queen fight, and now he's atleast on zoro's level, but sliggljh weaker, given how broken the healing ability is
He should have it, but it didn´t kicked out, he never had his exoskeleton awakenend.
Reread it bro, he didn´t have it back then.
Means so far Sanji could improve by his "OWN" without getting his exoskeleton awakening.
That was the difference to his siblings...
I dont think its something that wasnt there at all and suddenly kicked out all at a go
nami saying his body is a bit harder than normal is classic foreshadowing is why so many of us were convinced exoskeleton might be a thing later down the road
how durable he has been up until now is very likely a result of his dormant genetic modification.

no case of humans in one piece improving their "durability "
you cant improve how hard your bones are......
Sure thing buddy, what ever makes you sleep at night I mean deck all logic as long as your little ego can be stimulated by nonsensical Sanji wank who care about logic and reason
“Deck all logic” but you ignore every argument I make to call me a Sanji wanker because you have no rebuttal

Say what you want about Zoro fans on WG but at least they’ll make an argument before insulting you sometimes

Good to know I won though

  • This is great. World Government hasn't forgotten about Robin. Yamato might clash with CP0 protecting Robin and there she will make a name for herself thus the world will know about her.
  • Sanji will not be dependent on Raidsuit. While he will have Genetic Modifications like his brothers unlike them he'll still have his emotions intact, looking back this might be a thank you gift from Judge back in WCI
Some insane chapters ahead, no wonder why Oda had the Tobbi Roppo and Jack defeated so quickly...its to get to bigger things.
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