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I meant no downplaying for killer but many guys here are downplaying hawkins . Hawkins is confident that killer will not attack him and is not defending at all. That itself says all that. If hawkins tried attacking and defending at same time this will be somewhat better fight than what we see now even if killer won,i don't think it will be this easy .
ch: 1022 (15 minute until onigashima reach the capital) to ch: 1029 (less than 5 minutes)
killer was staring at hawking headbutting a pillar, and begging him to stop for 6-7 chapters, about 10 minutes.

big mom is certified trash yonko, she couldn't defeat a heavily nerfed kid in 10 minutes, maybe law was protecting him?
i just hope it wasn't like zoro protecting luffy for 10 minutes, it killed the yonko hype.
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