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Like I've said a million times before, beating big mom isn't the same as beating kaido. All they realistically need to do is chuck big mom off onigashima, have her bump her head on a rock on the way down, and turn her back into O-lin. Big Mom's been screwed by similar scenarios multiple times in the past.

All Oda needs to do to create that scenario is give the two of them a power up and possibly a heal. This isn't out of the question given that momo will probably have his own hour of legends holding onigashima above the capital.
Man, we didn't sit through 80+ chapters of WCI for Big Mom to be taken down by a bump to the head, or any other BS scenario that could cause her to lose in such a trash manner.

We still need to see the version of Big Mom who was an anomaly even to her own children before that happens.
Given that big mom was seemingly dominating every time we saw scenes of the fight, and Kid and Law still haven't used their full strength(Kid hasn't used punk rotten and Law hasn't used his mountain sized room), the tide will probably turn in the next chapter or so.

Kid and Law will go all out and Big Mom will probably take serious damage. Then Big Mom will use awakening and/or ACoC, and get the upper hand again. Then somehow, Kid and/or Law will get a heal and defeat big mom.
That's cap since we literally haven't seen what they have been doing or not doing since their fight against bigmom has been off screened
Lol, I'm not arguing who is and isn't going to win. I'm telling people to stop being so naive as to act like just because Oda is providing a setup that implies Kid and Law are about to turn the tides, it means jack shit, because Oda loves doing those kind of scenarios, and then doing a complete 180 right after.
What will be the 180 scenario here? :josad:
Well, Hawkins is a tricky one to powerscale, because a lot of his combat revolves around him drawing cards to augment himself or have adverse effects on his opponent. He could be "strong" in one encounter, and "weak" in another.
When has Hawkins ever looked strong lol. Even his “good” cards, like The Hierophant and Death, were nothing compared to Zoro or Killer
Cap. He still moves the exact same way regardless. Your entire point was mute and you showed nothing that constitutes what would have changed in that fight had killer had his actual weapon. His movement and reaction speed would have NOT increased since his weapon does not increase his movement of reaction speed. So nothing was stopping him from getting blitzed from zoros onigiri
Killer is speed Swordsman, Scythe is a very different weapon than his original weapon. Heavy one vs a light one.

Thats simple, him was nerfed and mentioned fucked.
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