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here is a good scenario of consequence
zoro goes up against mihawk too early
pays with a scar
that seems to inconvenience him for the bulk of the timeskip. its almost a reminder.
Maybe before but now that chopper even a better doctor and law here i doubt something like scar could effect Zoro for that long.
Like law heal luffy from a magma fist and he was running about a few days later .
Bullshit. Stop the bullshit. Law could have teleported them out of said room period. He could have teleported them to the floor below. The reasoning as to why he didnt do so was because his reaction time and speed is shit in comparison to zoro. His reaction time in that scene even setting up shambles was shit in comparison to zoros reaction speed. Hence why when zoro blocked he was then able to react in time teleporting out of the way of said attack
show me the panel where it was mention law was complaining that he didnt catch up quickly, all head canon. all of them have different reaction that time, law was trying to make shambles but who knows where or who he will use it, the others was about to take action by wanting to get out as fast as they can, while zoro first impression is to sacrifice himself, doesnt mean he was faster, if someone point a gun on 5 people, and 1 out of 4 decided to charge the gun man, doesnt mean he acts fast, it only shows he have different resolves, also why would Law teleport them below, if law decided to teleport all of them 5 below, kaido and bigmom will follow them and that will endangered the other alliance, the reason law and kid chase bigmom cause they know she will be dangerous to others.
Not open for further replies.