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No. He just said that he would like kick his ass, or along something like that. Compared to a an entire plot thread starting since fricking Fishman island arc where Luffy repeatedly has said that he's going to take down Big Mom. I have like at least 4 panels of Luffy saying that he will take down Big Mom. So stop comparing these two situations...
He also said he would take down Orochi
I am pretty sure their fight won't even complete at all... maybe oda will draw a new attack from Kid thats it...something will happen and the fight will suspended.
Adding two yonko's and trying so hard to defeat one...while giving no effort on other will backfire on him so I am guessing he won't make BM go down.
Idk at this point i think oda will rather hype the kid and law aka major faces of the new gen rather than keep having big mom around
I wouldn't be surprised if she gets up again to interact with either cp0, luffy, kaido, or her family but i don't think she's going to be much of a threat after this arc
Hawkins, a fool until the very end... :seriously:
His combat skills, exactly what I feared, no challenge whatsoever...
Killer deserves a more capable opponent.

Do y’all know what would happen if Kidd was lying on the ground and Akainu landed a named attack on him??

He would fucking die
Did she even land a clean hit on Kidd? Am I missing a page where he is hit by her attack or what? :sus:
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