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I mean, it's just obvious....

The fight has been set up since literally 1015. Killer's fight was only set up a few chapters before in 1011. Inu's? Set up like way before in 1008/1009. Sanji's was set up in 1016. Zoro's in 1022. All the F6 fights were set up 10+ chapters before they fell.

Why would this be the one fight, where Luffy's 2 biggest rivals and strongest allies take the L while EVERYONE else wins their fights? Why? Oda has not once alluded to Luffy fighting her.

Especially after this chapter. The last pages literally communicate to the reader that Kid is fighting and beating her. Killer is absolutely putting his trust in his partner. The damn tarot card is being explained by the narrative is overlayed on Kid's face to spell it out for you lol.

I just don't get the denial with this
It's obvious for you, not for me. I know as fact that Oda doesn't give a shit about the supernovas, unless it's his favorite Zoro.
This chapter also kinda confirmed that Kid will be the main player in taking down Big Mom.
-New replacing old being referenced to Kid and Big Mom
-Kid always wanting to fight a Yonkou
-Killer defeating Hawkins so that Kid can battle without interruptions
-Killer saying "Go, partner".
The only thing this chapter confirms is that kidds ass would have been grass had a D (law) not been there to save him
You smell that guys?

Smells like some BULLSHIT over here. Uses it what like 3 times? Dude uses his lazers long kneck and other gadgets like 10 times more than his blades. Yet this clown trying to convince people that he uses his swords alot. And that his sword is super special when queen only hypes up his devil fruit and his cybernetic enhancements as a cyborg. Not even once hyping up his blade or its durability or stating it was made from a special metal etc. Just pure unadulterated reaching. This dude must have eaten the gomu gomu no mi based on how long his bullshit reaching is
How many times has King used his blade? Vs. kicking, punching, spearing with beak, slashing with wings, using lunarian fire etc.

Queen spams the lasers most, they are the most practical long/mid range attack, does that mean he only focued on his lasers and not brawling ability? no. Also I don't think it would be as interesting for Oda to draw Queen just slashing with his swords when he has so many other abilities, to pretend that means his sword is a crap sword he doesn't care about is retarded and filled with agenda.

Saying it is some freakishly overpowered stronger than Meito sword is not what I said, don't straw-man my argument.
Zoro can't even tank a nerfed Killer attacks.

While Kidd tank big mom Mama red.

Kidd's df >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Zoro's df. lol
Zoro "tanked" Hakai (Kaido and Big Mom combo) but couldn't tank the stab either...

It's not a tank if you take damage...

Both Zoro and Kid have endurance which allows them to continue fighting even with damage taken.
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