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Took out an admiral longer than a hybrid tb took out law, meme's named attack can't even KO a massively nerfed Kidd.

Sorry but near dear wb ap >>> tb/meme
what is this hybrid tb.....lol...Akainu was not out...he was just at another place walking as if nothing happened....if that was KO, then Kid and Law was also KO......like I said, she is not serious yet with Law and Kid....how did you forget that Bigmom Indra attack rendered all SN except Luffy useless for sometime....
Sanji needs to save himself first :rolaugh:
Besides, what is he going to do? Pick up King and run away with him too?
Get over the fact that Sanji won't get his legendary fight with King already.
Your vitriol towards a fictional character is really cringe.
Sanji wont abandon Zori, belive in Sanji.:suresure:Nice name and pic btw, you are a real Sanji stan.:cheers:If not, he is living rent free somewhere.:luffylaugh:
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