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So freaking mad that BM is being an idiot right now laughing and underestimating Law and Kidd. They threw her off the rooftop and almost killed her but she's just taunting them and laughing at them without doing real damage like theyre just kids to her?

This chapter is absolute bullshit to the name of Yonkos and especially BM

This is cap. DR Luffy and Zoro would get washed by Yonkos. Kidd is tanking attacks from BM while getting nerfed by Hawkins. Killer literally just low-diffed Hawkins as well and could bypass Kaido's scales earlier with his sonic slashes.

I am less annoyed with her not going all out and more towards her attitude all this time even after suffering a near death experience. Kaido ever since he went hybrid has been nonstop imbuing all of his attacks with CoC, hell even with Kinemon. His battle with Luffy, Zoro, Law, Yamato, he wasnt playing any games. Kaido is at least not fucking around unlike BM who keeps laughing and playing with her food. The two stand shoulder to shoulder but BM has been ignored, clowned around, her attacks getting dodged left and right, nothing. They are both Yonko but her portrayal this arc relative to Kaido has been abysmal because of her personality.

Her only redemption at this point is leaving Wano with a Road Poneglyph and get taken down by Luffy later on extreme diff. At least when she fights Luffy, she will definitely CoC because everybody who fights Luffy fights using CoA and CoC, Luffy is the poster boy for Haki battles.
We know for a fact this is false, as Gear 4 Luffy before Advanced Haki was breaking through the defense of Yonko commanders with ease.

Not just that but WCI Gear 4 before Luffy got any advanced Haki forced Big Mom to counter kong gun with haki and her body weight, which still left her srm.shaking indicatimg the power of Gear 4 was just that great.

It even brokw through katakuri's enhanced mochi's armament haki defense and sent him flying.

Gear 4 was that strong.
How when he was still executed at marine ford? Ace did himself in the moment he was captured by black bearded and handed to the marines regardless
Umm? I didn't get you....Luffy saved Ace from execution.....everyone said he did it......Ace died because of his choice.....he could have been alive if he just ran away instead of falling for Akainu mockery....neverthless, it is beyond point.....Luffy did save Ace from execution but that didn't stop him from dying because of Ace own choice and Luffy was "weak"....
Sure shooting himself twice like a retard
Gave the antidote for free
And turned his own men against him
Very competent
Sure shooting himself twice like a retard- and King was crashing in a pillar with Sanji suicide mode, without any results, lost momo even prior to that:suresure: Competent af
Gave the antidote for free- ofc the protagonists needs to survive somehow
And turned his own men against him- so did King, wasnt he the one who started attacking at random 2 chapters ago>?:milaugh:
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