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Nah bruh, that's cap. Oda obviously planned a High-Extreme diff fight for Law against Doffy. It would've been the most meaningful battle of Law's life, there's no way he would've mid diffed him.

Oda's original plan probably was for Kid and Luffy to take out the Yonkou.
That is true if Oda planned to give Kid a 1on1 battle, yeah it make sense that Law would need high diff for Doffy. But if he plan to give Kid, Law as support he would mid diff Doffy for sure.

So mid-high, both things could happen.
I think if Doffy was around the fight would in this case:

This part isn't very clear.

What does mean "the collapse of the old" and "a new way"?
Maybe it could refer to Hawkins, who switches side. Hence why "collapse of old" and embrace the "new way".

Who is Killer referring to by saying "Go ahead mate" ?
Kidd isn't even there, so it could be that Hawkins is now his mate since that he switched side.

If only we knew what Killer and Hawkins said here it would be more clear...but unfortunately we don't have the full dialogue
It's talking about the New Gen taking out the old. Hawkins realizes they can win. This works especially because Killer says that to Kid.

He's just talking to himself about Kid. Nothing complicated about what is happening here


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Asking to be civil when you are part of toxicity? Oh men, the hypocrisy
Where's the toxicity?

Banter is a driving fuel of this community. Yes there are legit Sanji haters around in this community but mine is not even hate funnily. :luuh:

It's no different than in football, where fans banter the other team for a poor result. Or in general a poor season.

For me banter is one of the main reasons I love this place. But it seems someone takes the matter at heart more than necessary.
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