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Sanji taking a break from the battle is a good move from Oda to protect the Sanji hype. This means that the battle is not going to last long between them when it resumes. Otherwise it would kill the hype if it would take Sanji so long to beat Queen with his PU.
It looks like Sanji will make short work of Queen.


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lol. No one argue it's Zoro's haki. Vivre card confirms, it draws more Haki than Zoro could give using his other swords. lol
That only worked until he worked on Enma and his arm turned normal and was constantly displayed like that so that should not happen anymore. Though I wonder if Enma still cuts more than necessary, if it was strictly related to that question then no.

Besides sword grades are overrated. Shusui was a permanent black great grade but it never felt so massively more powerful than a sword like Sandai. So no reason to think Enma is even Supreme Grade level when we look at the evidence.

When Zoro mentions he needs to unleash more of Enma's power it might mean that the mastery process was yet not ultimated or more likely imo that the sword is the strongest he currently does possess but with the gap not being so substantial so that he literally wanted to unleash more in that proving beneficial.


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Clearly Jack, dude get most disrespectful and disgusting portrayal of any character since this raid. No named attack, nothing.
Hawkins lose was more kinda pathetic rather disrespetful... xD.
Jack interview about his thought on Onigashima Raid so far

Question : "What is your thoughts about Onigashima Raid so far Jack-Kun?"
Jack : "All i know is pain"

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