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Jack and Hawkins deserved to get great fights. Oda just totally screwed up here. This is just garbage.
Yeah Jack and Hawkins deserve it better.
In a perfect world we would get more screentime for Jack and Hawkins fights and less for Tama and gifters/running, but the world is dark, so ofc Oda offscreen such fights. He needed the panels for Tama and running scenes.

Sry for every Jack and Hawkins fan here.
Just imagine waiting 110chapter to get rushed battles.
I wonder why oda is making them leave
My guess he's either tryna build tension when cp0 go on the offensive without them getting overwhelmed by zoro and sanji or maybe its up to zoro and sanji to stop some force from invading the castle
If I had to guess, it might be because he is gathering everyone else to the live floor, and he wants those two fights to go uninterrupted.

Also, he might want to end both of them in some sort of grand fashion, which wouldn't be feasible with so many people around.
Nobody would believe it.
The 2015 Jack who shook OP forums with his debut and 1 billion hype
The 2015 Jack who seemingly unkillable "not even the Admiral nor Zunisha can kill him"
The 2015 Jack that was hyped "Jack's force kept coming from the sea. But we took care of them all, only 1 person that we can't take down, and that is Jack"

That same Jack above, ends up getting less focus than random Wano brat who happens to eat bullshit bullshit no Mi.
Sorry but villains look less threatening as things progress. Take Lucci, how does he look in water 7 and right now. Jack is not a big deal. Though I agree that he should have gotten more screen time than Japanese samurai or Tama.
Jack and Hawkins deserved to get great fights. Oda just totally screwed up here. This is just garbage.
The Supernovas are suffering the fate of the "too much characters" syndrome.
Basically Oda turned "using the Supernovas" a mandatory task. An item on a checklist. We have, aside from Luffy and Zoro:
Hawkins, Apoo, Drake, Kid, Killer and Law. 6. S-I-X "side characters" that Oda jammed into a single arc, while also creating 5 flying six, 3 calamities plus Kaido.

I would much rather have the SH's fighting Hawkins and Apoo. If they can beat the Flying6, that are the strongest of the Headliners, why wouldn't they be able to beat these 2? Then, instead of wasting time on MORE CHARACTERS, and MORE FIGHTS, we could have had LESS fights, but with much more panel time. With better showcasing of abilities, etc.
Most of these characters aren't even going to show up again in the future. Could AT LEAST have made their ONLY fight in the ENTIRE STORY, something a little bit more HYPE.
But no.
Hahahaha. Tama goes brrrrrrr around the battlefield.
Here, have 2-3 chapters of Nami trying to take down Ulti, only for Zeus to do all the work, since she missed the atttack.
- Cut to Killer vs Hawkins.
- Kid's headache is caused by Hawkins, who is headbutting his head.
- In this part there is a long conversation between the two, at the end Killer says that he has 2 questions for Hawkins.

- Question 1: What if the damage you do has nowhere to go?
- Hawkins responds that the damage will go to Kid, then Killer cuts off his left arm.
- Hawkins says why did he cut off his arm, if the damage is going to go for ...
- Killer: "Kid doesn't have a left arm."

- Question 2: How many lives do you have left if I eliminate Kid's straw dolls?
- Hawkins: "Congratulations, that was the last one."

- Hawkins draws the "Tower" card, and Killer defeats him.
- "Tower" means "the collapse of the old" and a hidden meaning of the letter is "a new way".

The fuck is this shit. Nice fight btw Oda. We didn't even see anything. So this is how Hawkins is defeated? Nice from Hawkins telling Killer everything and answering all his questions. We didn't see any new tarot cards and Hawkins just stood there and waited for Killer to figure out everything. This fight was a total mess. It started out great, but it was way too predictable and boring.

This could have been such a good fight, but it was wasted. And it's not even about the outcome, it's just that this fight is trash. Hawkins was defeated in such a lame way.

Hawkins should have just joined the alliance, he is smart and should have known better.
I totally agree with you . It's like interviwer asking questions to candidate and killer and hawkins are aimilar to that.
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