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The Soul King
One Piece - Chapter 1029
Title: Tower

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Okay so the Sanji situation is completely different in the chapter then the spoilers implied who would've thought. It's kinda heart breaking because Sanji fears that becoming emotionless like his brothers would destroy everything Sora risked her life for.

judging by Hawkins words ( Finally he gets his wish... Fighting a “Yonkou”.") I guess Kidd didn't meet Shanks and he wasn't the one who cut off his arm.

Congrats to those who guessed Killer would cut off Hawkins left hand, since it wouldn't affect Kidd.
(Holy shit 3 double spreads in one chapter for Killer he deserves it)

Kidd and Killer fans were feasting this week, guess we will see if Big Mom.is defeated this arc or not

Sugimoto 14

OK chapter, the Sanji part at the beginning was interesting. Killer vs Hawkins was kinda filler. Let's hope Big Mom doesn;t go down pathetically against Kidd and Law, who are leagues below Luffy in terms of Haki. Also Big Mom has barely fought anyone compared to Kaido (who took attacks from all scabbards, supernovas, Yamato, and then Luffy again)
Fairly entertaining action chapter. A nice Bonney to accompany the bloody Supernova gore fest.

Get in the goddamn suit, Sanji (-Judge). Picking up from last chapter, we get repeated emphasis that Sanji feels pain even if he takes no damage. He lacks that Vinsmoke heart of ice but Sanji is afraid that may be about to change. Leaving the battlefield wouldn't be a bad idea since Evil Sanji could start using the samurai as his personal meatshields. Luckily, Queen has demonstrated he's a hardcore Germa tech addict who will gladly follow Sanji to get his fix. You can easily swap Queen with an okama, the raid suit with a dress to see how deeply traumatizing this must be for Sanji.
Three glorious double spreads to conclude a Supernova showdown. :myman:Hawkins's overall participation in Wano hasn't been bad at all as he was involved in Acts 1, 2 and 3 with a fight and multiple skirmishes before this chapter. Kaido's #1 understudy even got a W by locking up Law using his crew as hostages, but it failed him here. Multiple lives, tarot cards, strawman summons, his Goma no Sou form and Kid as a hostage -- Hawkins showcased a little bit of it all, along with the most emotion he's ever expressed with that face. Pain, as it turns out, hurts. His trump card that allows one to surpass their limits may just be the Tower card drawn too late. Hawkins is Worst Gen so I doubt this is the end of his journey, he may help the Wano alliance or save his power for the final arc.

The newest member of the legendary one-armed tribe. Killer's DF power is having the highest IQ among the Supernova so leave it to this genius to discover Apoo's weakness, bypass Kaido's defense with a sonic blade, slicing Hawkins's left arm and more importantly checking inside since that's where dead dolls usually emerge from. Hawkins's 92% chance of victory relied on Killer pleading as he took a beating, but the sadistic Magician was more interested in reducing everyone to his mental state than defeating the Kid Pirates. Kid and Killer climb the pirate world by pushing each other forward and making risky gambles like challenging the Big Mom/Red Hair/Beast Pirates. Hawkins took the safe road with the highest odds only to lie defeated with a missing arm like Kid anyway. It truly is nothing ventured, nothing gained.
Big Mom flipping through the air to nail a spinning sword attack.:stealthblack: Should have dressed as Kirby in the last color spread. Kid tanking that is most impressive. The man has barely had a break from fighting Yonko since the rooftop so it's astounding he hasn't fainted once. Law as the ultimate support definitely helps. Hawkins's "Tower" card/chapter title likely had no effect on these two, but it reinforces the narrative that the new generation can longer be stopped by the old guard. The worst outcome for Kid and Law looks like that of Yamato where they merely step aside injured but undefeated, though I would love to see them at least permanently mark Big Mom.
Honestly I can't take Big Mom seriously anymore after this chapter... CoC infused punch against someone on your side, but against your opponents you didn't even use CoA on Napoleon... AND neither she breaks the floor with Mama-Raid, something that Who's who and Robin (lot of tiers under her) managed to do. Oda really doesn't know what to do with her, a never-ending disappointment in this arc :josad:
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