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Yes and being able to target the limb in a prone position, is subject to plot, most of the time those sort of attacks are easy to dodge/block.
Kid's arm was not targeted here by BM but he was given a slash here to some area of his body so it would not bisect him, and he may or may not have used some metal to defend given the vagueness of the collision. I don't know why you are using this to think randomly scale Shank's crew members over BM.
kaido's wind scythes could cut through kid's metal guard like butter.

big mom failed to cut kid on two occasions, when he casually stopped cognac and now.

her skill with the sword or her slash damage output is very weak.

Wonderful World

Yes the universe itself is consistent with the number 0 for someone who knows about physics. :josad:
On the bright side, One Piece for sure is getting a lot of movies after it ends. At least we'll have this to look forward to, as long as it's consistent. Let's just hope it doesn't take the Boruto route. :whitepress:
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