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4 hours plus and only 17 pages? Bit quiet here isn't it? I guess it will get more busy later? I've been expecting an avalanche/flood of toxicity to spam here since this chapter lol.
The OP Youtubers' reactions to this chapter will be interesting, I forgot to watch Brago's stream too...wait...hang on, Brago hasn't reacted to it yet? I see no stream for it on his channel?

Chapter threads in general have 15-25% of the posts relative to spoilers.......
The best part of this is that you know it is a lie. :goyea:
How is it a lie. The first fight was 5 SN vs 2Y and in that luffy did the most damage. Yamato only staled Kaido he didn’t do much except the combined attack with Luffy. And now it’s just Luffy VS kaido. It’s is true that none of them are in there best conditions but it that goes for both. Right now Luffy is fighting kaido One on One
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