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People need to realize that spoilers don't always include the full context of what's happening.

That being said, this chapter was great, and it's good that we're finally getting more characterization for Killer and Kid!

I'll admit that I was wrong about Killer, and I'm glad. I initially thought he was just a generic edgy character in a mask and that there wasn't much more to him. Not only was I wrong about that, but he also demonstrated that he's on par with the Strawhats in terms of their dedication to their respective captains. Now, I know this should be a given, but I never thought we'd see loyalty like this in another pirate crew (other crews seem to be ruled by fear rather than dedication/belief/loyalty).

Killer is fantastic, and I hope we get to see more of him and Kid going forward.

The Sanji stuff is excellent also. I love his characterization since he's a very flawed character, but this isn't a bad thing, in my opinion. I don't think anyone here likes a Gary Stu or Mary Sue in any form of fiction. Sure, he ran, but it's essential to understand that he's not running because he's afraid of Queen, but because of the changes. Keep in mind that his getting this PU is also what defined his early childhood with Germa. Childhood trauma is a real thing, and Sanji experienced shit no child ever should, so it makes sense for him to react and associate the power up with what happened.

Sure One Piece is a shonen, but it's not only about fights.

The "tower" clearly is referencing the outcome of this battle. It looks like Kid and Law really will be beating Big Mom, but what happens to her after remains to be seen.

Good stuff, and I hope we see more like this.
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OK chapter, the Sanji part at the beginning was interesting. Killer vs Hawkins was kinda filler. Let's hope Big Mom doesn;t go down pathetically against Kidd and Law, who are leagues below Luffy in terms of Haki. Also Big Mom has barely fought anyone compared to Kaido (who took attacks from all scabbards, supernovas, Yamato, and then Luffy again)
Yes they are leagues below him in terms of Haki but i would say that overall Law's DF is becoming more hax being able to hurt BM and Kaido casually on the same level as Ryou G4 Luffy and pre-Ashura rooftop Zoro with casual moves like injection shot and counter shock
Curious how the chapter called "Vinsmoke Sanji" (843), where Sanji beats Luffy and insults him and the crew, and subsequently gets praised by Judge and his brothers for what he did shows exactly what Sanji would turn into if he things go as Judge planned, there are so much things and possibilities involving this, specially in what could go wrong... Definitely a big deal here

I wonder whats going to happen next :kawak:
Sure it shouldn't happen based on what we've seen from Kidd and Law so far but Oda just doesn't care anymore about making sense with these fights, everybody is getting one shoted.
At this point I wouldn't be surprised if Oda makes Big Mom going down with 2 or 3 combined attacks from Kidd and Law.
I would say the endings of the fights have made sense for the most part, some might complain the endings are quick, but even if it is a war the non-SH/ non-SN battles aren't really important to the story. There is a difference between getting knocked out from a finisher, to it being a one shot, flashy finishers have always been a thing in One Piece, unless you are willpower monster like Luffy who can get up and up and up over and over again, or a durability freak like Kaido.
All of the other fights have to end to end the war, and are lower stakes than the Kaido win so have to come before.

The BM "win" would dehype the invincibleness of the yonko and slightly dehype Luffy's "Impossible win against Kaido" victory if his weaker contemporaries take down someone of equivalent strength a few chapters before Luffy vs Kaido concludes, and it doesn't make sense for it to be the final fight, as that is Luffy's privilege (outside of new threats like the marines designed to add last minute tension).

Killer still has to surpass the Yonko Slayer Lord of the coast.
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I do wonder if this is a part of Hawkins' character arc and if he comes into relevancy later as a changed man.
What is character without card reading...
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