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The Rogue Prince
This is why I am not disappointed with how Hawkins got defeated instead I was happy that Oda didn't forget the theme of One piece..........Hawkins lost because he played too safe and put everything on the fate....at the end of the day, he succumbed to the same fate...
He tried to pull down Kid, someone who he calls a dreamer. Killer calls him out for playing safe as well this chapter.

Eventually, Oda's manga revolves quite a bit around dreams and the romance of running behind one's impossible dreams. It's only fitting that people who reject such dreams get left behind by the dreamers.

Wonderful World

I'm very curious how Kid and Law will deal with Big Mom.

If they beat her, what will happen to her? where will she go? I don't think the Marines or the WG have anything to contain Yonko for long. Is Kid going to be an emperor in the near future? What will Law do after Wano?

Man who fought Kizaru thinks the reason Big Mom and Kaido have been around so long is because they are undefeatable.

And lol. Kizaru has way more anti-feats than Big Mom.

Kizaru couldn't even beat Marco when cuffed or KO Luffy after hitting him multiple times.


Lazy is the way
this is not the first time Oda did this.....TB didn't even knock defenseless Zoro and Law out meanwhile it can knock G4 Luffy....Oda shat on Kaido and Luffy at the same time....
It makes the Yonko threat so low….
We can’t take them seriously. Law and Kid can eat attacks all day. I miss the Akainu vs WB or other MF fights : if you get hit by a top tiers you will be out of the fight or at least you will feel it deeply.
This is what people don’t understand about mangas and anime. When they introduce a villain they show them extremely powerful and their attacks one shot everyone. But when the time comes to actual fight those same attacks get tanked quite easily. It is because they are never consistent. Thunder Bagua one shot Luffy but latter the same attacks did almost nothing to them. If one piece would be logical than kid and law should have lost a long time ago against Big mom. But that isn’t the case.
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